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MG MGF Technical - Misfire

Hi all

Took the F for a spin Saturday, sun shining, hood down, great feeling. It ran like a dream. Put it to bed in the garage last night. Got it out this morning and its misfiring. I need to get plugs, HT leads checked, anything else I should be looking out for.



If you drive a VVC, then plugs and leads will sort the problem most likely.
If you drive an MPi, then could be dist cap and / or rotor arm plus leads and plugs.
As we don't know how old your car is / last service, this is a general response.


Tony H

Thanks for that Tony

I have a 2000 18i VVC.

Does it have a distributor cap? Is it worth changing that, as well as the plugs and HT leads at least everything is covered then.

I'am a novice when it cames to cars, specially MGF'S, I have general idea.

I take it I'll have to remove the back shelf to do this job { a friend is on hand to help }


VVC has no distributor.
Just 4 coils, some VERY long leads and plugs which last for 66000 miles.

Many owners (me included) found that replacement was the answer. Plugs, leads and air filter will make the world of difference.
Cost.........half a day and sixty notes.
If you want help, pop over to Wallasey and I will do the job with you. No problem.


Tony H
Tony H

>> Does it have a distributor cap? Is it worth changing that, as well as the plugs and HT leads at least everything is covered then. <<

No, the VVC doesn't use a distributor Neil - so not something that needs to be looked at. Plugs and leads are a good start - thereafter, you'll need to start checking sensors...
Rob Bell

Had a guy to look at the misfire on Tuesday, when he stared it up it was fine running lovely.

Seen as I had'nt used it much he said may be the sensor on the choke had stuck. Any thoughts on this?

On wednesday I was ready to sell I'd had enough problems over 2k miles in 7months. But took the car out for a few spins this week and it reels you back in,I just love the whole thing about it , the look outside and in and driving its just great fun. Anyway what else would I buy could'nt go back to a salon car . Not yet anyway !


<<salon car >> !!!

Bad spelling Neil, we'll be getting hairdresser jokes next!

Bruce Caldwell

We had a similar problem a few months ago. very bad jerking under acceleration. A new distributor and rotor arm solved it.

As for the sensor thing, the garage did a diagnostics check too and said that there is a sensor that senses startup temperature and 'decides' whether to apply choke. I don't know the exact name of it, but it sounds similar. They said that it was returning 'high resistance' but is not something to worry about, as a lot of older F's have high resistance in this sensor and it is nothing to woryy about, the car starts fine.

Take it as you will, but the dist cap thing is worth looking at IMHO.


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