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MG MGF Technical - misfiring

My problem seems to be 'heatwave' related....I think.
The engine, after driving around 20 miles in this current nice spell, starts 'missing' under load.
Is this typical of the MGF? Its ok first thing in the morning and at night.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Definately not typical Jim

Perhaps a plug is on its way out, does it feel like it is missing on one cylinder or across the board? or even a lead..

Look at the basics first..

I'm no techy, but I know there are various sensors that could cause the problem, I'm sure someone with a bit more knowledge will point you in the right direction shortly..

good luck



Stu is right about the basics. If your car is a 1.8mpi, has the rotor and distributor cap been replaced recently?
Spark plugs are advertised as 60000 mile replacement, but I change mine every two years. The leads on the mpi are relately short and generally not a problem., however, if you don't know when they were last changed, swap them.
If you drive a VVC, there is no dizzy cap and rotor, but the pre 2000MY car has very long leads which are prone to breaking down which will cause poor starting and misfiring under loads.
Let me know if you need further help, oh, and have you changed the air filter recently?
Perhaps the poor thing can't breathe properly. 70 will buy the lot including an air filter. You could do the job yourself in about 1 hour.



Tony Harrison

good advise :)

btw, our german friend Mani ( yesterday found his car just stop running after a short ride on a bumpy road.
The engine cut out (mpi) and doesn't start any more. (battery and starter work fine).
He had changed the distributor cap one year ago.
I told him to follow the ignition lines starting at the rotor over ignition coil to the ECU and see for the main relay behind the ECU and fuel pump working. (fuel pump connector of course).

The last he reported was a rattling noise from the rear right (mainrelay, I think)

Though he let the car pick up and carry to a workshop. I wonder what they will find.

Dieter K.

Hi again,
I think I could have mis-described the problem. Took my car for a drive to Paisley, (thought I'd do a bit of reverse day tripping) its about 50 miles round trip it seems as if its 'flat spots' and fuel related, Could it be??
Thanks for the advice so far, I'll be checking it out asap.

I don't know how old your car is Jim, or the service history, but it would benefit from a new fuel filter anyway.

Tony Harrison

Dieter K, did your friend check the fuel pump inertia switch ! the bumpy road could have caused it to switch off thinking it was in an accident ?
Mike. (M2VJN)

Mike, thank you getting on this subject.
Yes, he did push the rubber button on the left beside of the boot lid hinge.

Though I necer heard the switch itself fail due to a bumpy road. It cuts out ignition of course with side impacts an when rolling the car.

btw, what in heaven are you doing again over there ?
:) I think *tweety* with blue roof is missing you.

Dieter K.

Dieter, Tweety with with the blue roof is tucked up next to the big blue meany in the garage, Viv & I are enjoying a 4 month sojourn to the Lion city, that's why the Treffen is not on for us this year.
See you next year
Mike & Viv (M2VJN)

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