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MG MGF Technical - Mk1 Compared to Mk2 Steering Wheel

I've recently purchased a Mk2 Leather steering wheel for my Mk1 F. When I compared the two wheels there seem to be no differences apart from the apperance of the wheel from the front.

But when it came to fitting the wheel it doesn't seem to mount in the same way. When I drive in a striaght line the wheel is off centre to the right by about 15 degrees.

Has anyone any experience with regards to this subject?

John Samson

I fitted what I assume is a Mark 2 wooden steering wheel to replace my Mark 1 Leather.

The second wheel was definitely slightly different to the first! However it did mount straight onto the steering column boss. There was no engineering to force to to fit it in the correct position.

What I did was attach the new wheel and then take for a test drive before refitting the airbag. This showed that I had mounted the wheel slightly out (by about 15 degrees!). I therefore pull the wheel off carefully moved it one "notch" in the right direction. Second test drive showed it was spot on.

Then tightened the steering wheel nut and re attached the airbag. Spot on ever since!

Hope this helps.


This thread was discussed on 28/01/2002

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