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MG MGF Technical - Modifications and insurance

I'm sure this has been asked before so apologies if this is repeating old threads....

Over the next few months I intended doing a few modifications, can anyone tell me what of these changes do I need to declare to my insurance company as I don't want to be penalised for changes that have nothing to do with insurance. Or is it best to declare them all in case of problems with a claim. Thanks.
K&N, New Tyres(S0-2's of course), sports exhaust, greenstuff brakes, front splitter.

With the brakes is it worth just changing the pads or is it better to uprate the whole lot?

Thanks again.


I generally inform the insurance co of all my mods (I have quite a few) & have not been charged any extra from AXA (formally Guardian). I personally wouldn't bother to inform them of the tyres unless you were changing sizes or the brake pads as they can't really be called a mod, but certainly the exhaust, K&N & the splitter (I have all these). It really shouldn't increase your premium by a great deal & it's better than getting caught for no-disclosure or worse the ins co refusing to pay out after an accident.



You certainly need to disclose these changes - and record the name (and time) of whoever agrees to the changes.
My insurance company agreed to the K&N, and the tyres (the front S02s will be a different size to standard), but completely barred the splitter. I have standard brakes so can't give any information on this.


This thread was discussed on 08/09/2000

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