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MG MGF Technical - Moding the MEMs2J ECU

Guess this is a question for Rob Bell or Dave but how easy s it to modify the MEMS2J ecu? Also what is the difference with this and an emerald setup?

And what about removing the immobiliser unit from the car?
Cheers TJ
T J Nicolson

Hi TJ,

unfortunately options for reprogramming the MEMS2J ECU are almost non-existant: in practical terms, if you want to alter the ignition or fuel maps you have two options - keep the MEMS and add a piggy back ECU or junk the MEMS and opt for a complete replacement ECU - like the Emerald M3D.

Regarding the immobiliser and MEMS - you have to have the immobiliser signal from the Lucas 5AS immobiliser unit for the MEMS to run the engine: you can't remove the immobiliser and run the engine on MEMS2J. If you want to remove the immobiliser, you more or less have to go down the complete ECU replacement route.

Hope that helps

BTW, what are you planning? :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob.
Me planning anything oh no not me would i do anything thats strange or worrisome to other competitors?

Well maybe a few mods to the midget.......
T J Nicolson

If you know someone that has "freetime" to a Test-Book system there are some parameters that can be tweaked.Only minor changes to timing and fuelling - but some useful "off-sets" to sensors can give marginal gain! The person who runs the T-B needs to be able to get into "Tool-Box" via a password....
/ Carl.
Carl Blom

A KMidget then TJ? Yup, that'd make a really nice car! :o)
Rob Bell

>to get into "Tool-Box" via a password....

I was told that changes via T-B tool box take NO effect with _export_ versions (so VIN-related). Parameters changed are said to be back to standard if you check for verification later. Can you confirm ?
Dieter K.

"They all say that" ;O). In fact it is possible,but really no problem for TJ as I assume his car is genuine U.K. / Carl.
Carl Blom

Cheers :)
Dieter K.

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