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MG MGF Technical - MOMO Gearknob.

Morning all,

Nothing major this time, just a small thing that's been bugging me for a while and now with MGF10 approaching, I thought I would try to get it sorted.

Does anyone know where (or even if it is possible) to get hold of the shift pattern emblem from the top of the Trophy MOMO gearknobs???

Mine was missing when I bought the car but now I'd quite like to replace it.

Many thanks,

Kris Ford

This is something that we've all discussed in the past - and after much head scratching, the short answer is that no one knows where to get a replacement sticker. :o(

Perhaps it may be a case of getting one made - and is something that the MGF Register could be persuaded into commissioning - but how many would be needed? And how much are folks prepared to pay?
Rob Bell

Had the whole gearknob replaced under warranty when the same happened within the first year, presumably if there was no availability of just the pattern sticker then (2002), there'll be even less likelihood now. Momo stockists are probably your best bet - I'm sure you'd be able to get something, even if not the correct gear pattern it'll look better than nothing at all.
Mike Hankin

"I'm sure you'd be able to get something, even if not the correct gear pattern it'll look better than nothing at all."

I agree. I've been looking on flea-bay at a few cheap copy gearknobs that come with various decals.

Just seems a shame to buy the whole thing just for one little sticker.
Kris Ford

Do you want an original H-pattern sticker, or would you rather an MG-emblemed sticker Kris?
Rob Bell

To be honest Rob, I'm not that fussed what sticker.

I would just like to cover the "old superglue stain" look, if you know what I mean.

If both were available, I would probably go for the original H-pattern but if not then MG is just as good.

You sound like you have a plan! :-)
Kris Ford

I agree with you - the old glue stain look is so 'last year' ;o)

The Register has a good track record of ordering items like this Kris - I'll have a chat with Bob Foster at MGF10 and perhaps the Register can look to add this item to the regalia list...

It might just be a suitably sized MGF Register logo though...
Rob Bell

I think the MGOC can supply wee MG emblems for trophies.

It might be a suitable replacement.

Sam Murray

I'd quite like a shift-pattern sticker for my MOMO knob. I've got the MOMO label that came with the knob in there, but being able to see the shift pattern would help for those senile which-bloody-car-am-I-in moments!

Suppose I'd be prepared to pay a few quid. A fiver would make me think twice.

J Wakeham

I went through this when I bought a Momo lever knob for my F, and the answer seemed to be that they were not available - certainly Momo both in NZ and UK had no info on it. Seems like they were made for the run of MGF's that used the Momo knob and nothing else. I had to stick with the "Momo" centre sticker.

It seems that losing the sticker might be a common problem...I bought a Momo knob, but at some point the Momo sticker fell off and got lost - very annoying.

Yup, a very common problem. I've been lucky so far - I've been able to find where the sticker went after it fell off.

Not yet identified the ideal adhesive for re-applying though...
Rob Bell


Use a contact adhesive such as "Evostick". Smear both surfaces, leave five minutes to dry, then drop the emblem carefully into place, press down hard and pick off any stringy bits. You only have one go to get it in the right place so take your time.


Hi, I have the same problem in that I need a new gear shift emblem for a MOMO knob. The only place I could find was Lark-Speed, when the receive MOMO gear knobs they actually come with a spare emblem........ hurray I'm on a note at my local branch awaiting the possible phone call saying they have one I can have. Not much help for a definate but a possiblity at least.... Cheers
Andy R

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