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MG MGF Technical - MOMO steering wheel for the MGF

Hi fellow F'ers
I want to fit a airbag-less MOMO steering wheel to my MGF.
Anyone know of any complications,ie disabling the the airbag sytem,or has anyone tried this a-la Cup cars?

Thanks Stuart.

Stuart Whiteway

Shouldn't be a problem Stuart. You could try contacting MG Rover sport for more advice...
Rob Bell

Cheers Rob,by the way whats the status with the race style bucket seats everyone was talking about,is it still in plan I am still interested,tired of getting flung around in the car at the ring every weekend,my black leather seats are useless and slippy!!

Stuart Whiteway

>my black leather seats are useless and slippy!!

SOLD !! I vote for them !! :))) Can supply a set of fabric seats until you get 'bucket seats'.
You also can get a standard steering wheel 4free to find out how to attach a MOMO :)
Dieter Koennecke

Hi Stuart,

the estimated cost for the seats + runners + inertia reel four point harness seat belt is approximately 600 quid including VAT, but excluding fitting. Quite a reasonable cost- probably less than a leather re-trim!!! I am going to talk to Techspeed about this (I can't believe I forgot to mention it when I was talking to Roy earlier- d'oh!!!)- perhaps asking them to fit a number of cars over the winter period when the racing season has gone quiet.

I think there is interest from about half a dozen F'ers- and I wonder, whether based on a joint order, we might see if we can't haggle the price down a bit.

I'll certainly keep you posted.

Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 29/06/2001

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