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MG MGF Technical - MOT - > potential problems?

My F is going to her MOT tomorrow.

Any suggestions?

I have fitted a K&N and don't want to remove it. Can it be a problem?


Should have any problems - its a newish car !

Just make sure the standard things are working - bulbs - wipers - brakes etc etc

K&N should make no difference - may even improve co2 emmisions reading!

Let's hope we are both lucky Jerome - our F is in for MOT on Wednesday too !

To be aware:- on the emissions test in the UK, one test required is a high revs test - this can cause the Power steering to fail - light on dashboard and very heavy steering. It should re-set itself when you drive away, as there will be a speed input.

I had to replace my shock absorber lower bushes for my last (its first) MOT. Mike Satur sells poly ones as a set - very reasonable and easy to fit.

Paul Lane

I hope it was OK for you.
My F passed the MOT without a single problem.
I just warmed it up before coming to the MOT center (I know engines are more pollutant when cold)

Thanks Jerome - yes mine has passed too with no problems. For somebody used to running old MGs on a shoestring for almost 30 years this is a rare event. Who said MGFs were bad ? It's all relative.....

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