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MG MGF Technical - MOT Checklist

The F is booked in for it's 1st MOT under my ownership this Monday.

Any pitfalls I should look out for. It's a 1997 R with 24k on the clock. I've uprated the brakes (+ fluid change) and shocker bushes all round and replaced the timing belt & inlet manifold gasket. It's also had new tyres on the back and I changed the oil and filter.

I've done all this in the last two months so is there anything else I need to look at. The very insides of the front tyres are worn but there's plenty of tread on the rest of the tyre. Should I worry about that?
Are there nay common MGF failure factors. I searched the archive and read about CO emissions. I've got a K&N panel filter but that should be ok.

Other than that the car is immaculate. No rust whatsoever and it's been undersealed underneath every year so the chassis is fine.

Any advice appreciated
Bob Millar

How difficult was it to change the inlet manifold gasket? [Do you have any instructions]

Which route did you take in uprating the brakes?


> How difficult was it to change the inlet manifold gasket? [Do you have any instructions

After musch advice on here I decided to let a local MG dealer do the job. It came in at just under 70 inc VAT so couldnt complain. I had seriously considered doing it myself but thought it wasnt worth the risk/ swearing/ bleeding knuckles. Probable the most unaccessible parts of the engine to work on.

> Which route did you take in uprating the brakes

I switched from standard pads to EBC greenstuff all round + changed the brake fluid to Castrol SuperPlus Dot 4.

The difference is tremendous. I know people have recommended Mintex pads instead of EBC's but the EBC's are a huge improvement over the standard pads. The new braking force is great and once there is some heat in the pads it's even better. Hard to tell what difference the brake fluid made but it was a good brand and the stuff I bled out the pipes was black and gungy.

Bob Millar

This thread was discussed on 15/07/2003

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