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MG MGF Technical - MoT Failure

Oh well, after 3 consecutive MoT passes the time has finally come for a fail (MGF VVC 1999 T), 75K miles, 16" wheels. I thought I'd share. We have

1. Poor beam pattern from both headlights. I intend to try fitting new headlamp bulbs and pray its not the reflectors.

2. Excessive play in both TREs. Changed both of these 2 years ago - does anyone else find they dont last long? Probably let the Garage change them, since its winter and I dont have a garage.

3. OSR upper suspension arm has excessive play. As above.

4. Emissions. CO excessive after 2nd fast idle, and lambda reading outside spec. after 2nd fats idle. Anybody any ideas? The garage suggested the lambda sensor. Sounds expensive. I think they quoted 38 to plug my car into a laptop and they'd go from there.

5. Irritatingly, they reckon I need a new OSR tyre. Garages always interpret the >1.6mm over 0.75 of the width differently from myself. To be fair, I've been driving on one GSD3 and one GSD2 on the rear for a while now (after a puncture), so I this will just force my hand into buying a second GSD2. Interestingly, under acceleration I could feel more grip/push from the new GSD2 compared to the part worn GSD3. [Yes, I was annoyed that after buying a set of GSD3s (because GSD2s were unavailable) GSD3s were then apparently taken out of production.]

Overall, I am not complaining. I service it myself and I havent repaired anything mechanical for 18 months or so. I just have to await next week's bill!


P Davey

This thread was discussed on 10/01/2008

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