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MG MGF Technical - MOtobuild Rice Cooker cold air box and induction k

My VVC is currently with Motobuild for a bit of work including a new rice cooker filter kit. Anyone done any testing on these? Motobuild reckon it adds 13bhp, significantly more than the viper kit. Any independent verification of this? It certainly is massive and I have no idea how theyre going to shoe horn it into the engine compartment? Also having the janspeed 4 2 1 manifold and down pipe fitted for a bit of extra torque. Rob, I'll show you at Castle Coombe if youre going?
marc hanson

200 - Aluminium enclosed Pipercross filter

Please let me know how you find the manifold as im thinking of the same one on my vvc!!!

Cheers :)

No independent verification of the Motobuild airbox kit on an MG as far as I know Marc - not sure whether the Lotus guys have looked at it?

Not sure about whether I'll be going to CC yet - financially, things are a tad tight at the moment :o(
Rob Bell

Sorry to hijack but ...

@ Rob

"financially, things are a tad tight at the moment"

You aint seen nothin' yet!

Our daughter is now 27 and has 3 small sons of her own. Problem is that they seem to have become "your grandsons" when cash is needed.

... back on thread


I don't know the answer to your specific question, but a number of rolling road days have been organised over the years that have attracted both the 1.8i and vvc in various states of modification. The trend seems to be that any enclosed airfilter will add around 13 bhp to a standard vvc, due to better breathing and cooler air. However comments on this BBS about driving in everyday conditions suggest that you won't notice the power increase.

All subsequent external engine mods add only a few bhp more each, so you need to consider whether the theoretical benefit is worth the extra cash.

In my own case, a K&N 57i enclosed in a Homebase flower pot gave 12 bhp over the standard filter. I eventually changed it, but only because it looked amateurish.

Christopher Marshall

Chris - what a shame! Yours was the classic Flowerpot mod, and was brilliant to behold! :o) Blue Peter fans would have been proud ;o)
Rob Bell

Anyone had any experience with fitting a 4-2-1 manifold? Any noticable difference on a vvc? My flexi pipes gone hence my temptation!!! :)

There are a number of reports in the archives frans - all are very encouraging in terms of the improvement in terms of 'feel' of the engine :o)

Not sure whether anyone has yet reported their DIY experiences on installing the manifold? From looking at the flexipipe replacement, you're looking at a similar knuckle skinning job and a fiddle to get the manifold into the space twixt engine and subframe, but over all not too hard.

Single trickiest job is removing the Lambda sensor from the old manifold to re-use in the new. Many may advocate purchasing a new Lambda in any case; as Tim will tell you, removing the lambda can be a real bar-steward of a job.
Rob Bell

In the archives you should find my knuckle skinning account of installing a 4-2-1 on my F. However it is a 1.8i not a vvc.

I was pleased with it. My flexi pipe had also gone so I took the leap and fitted the Janspeed 4-2-1. [Don't know if its the small or large bore!]

I was pleased with it, but was it worth the 400 and two weekends work - debatable. In hind sight I think that generally you are better spending money on headwork/cams before focusing on the exhaust manifold.

However, prior to replacement I was running a fettled out standard manifold - so the gains were smaller than going straight from a standard manifold.
Steve Ratledge

D'oh! Sorry Steve - I forgot your report on DIY fitting! (_8(I)
Rob Bell


A cheap mod for a free-flowing exhaust is to grind off the weld on the inside of the join between pipe and manifold, then replace it with an external weld. I can't recall seeing any comparisons with other manifolds, but I bet you will still end up with skinned knuckles.


Vanity is a powerful driver. That flowerpot was a work of art all covered in kitchen foil and duct tape and it only cost about 20gbp, unfortunately a certain gent from Rotherham MS persuaded me to replace it with a Viper.

C Marshall

Thanks Rob and Steve...Yeah hmm hopefully my hi-q mechanic will be able to fit it. Question.. As I have a 1997 vvc I presume I wont have a lambda sensor so should make fitting easier?

So did you notice a differnece with it Steve? More pull or acceleration?


Fran, you do have a lambda sensor even on an Mk1. There is a great difference in drivability, smoother torque curve, throttle responds differently, worthwhile replacement.

I would echo that, stronger acceleration. If your flexi section has gone its very worthwhile. But again this was observed on a 1.8i albeit with some headwork, at the time it was pulling 143 bhp so not too dissimilar to a standard VVC.

I think that coupled with an enclosed uprated filter you should notice some difference. But dont expect an earth shattering difference.

Steve Ratledge

Thanks - Been looking into Janspeed 4-2-1's and Millteks to ...

Thing is with the Janspeed is I hear they are very loud, which i not keen on are they deafining? I've got the MS Daytona exhaust which in my opionion is great and sounds just right only loud when you want it to be, if its a bit louder im not fussed with 4-2-1...

Did you keep your orginal CAT on to? I think I will be due to funds and again dont want it to loud anyway. Am I wasting this setup if I do keep my CAT on ... for the sake of 3 or 4 bhp I dont mind.. Thanks :)

The Janspeed 4-2-1 manifold retains the original cat - so no worries. :o) It's an excellent design too (better than most aftermarket jobs) - and doesn't restrict engine power unless you've got substantially more than 160bhp :o)
Rob Bell

If you have a Milltek you will almost certainly want the CAT on, for everyday driving. The Milltek with a de-cat is just too loud. (My Wife would not drive it!).

I did not notice any noise difference with the Janspeed 4-2-1.
Steve Ratledge

Well, got the rice cooker and 4 2 1 manifold fitted and have noticed a slightly better throttle response. Have to put it on a RR and see how much it has improved (if it has). The filter isnt as noisy as my old piper cross vector, which is a shame, as I liked the "whoosh" when I put my foot down! The new filter breathes through an induction pipe in the left hand side engine bay air scoop. Do these scoops force enough air through? I suppose the filter sucks the air in so it probably doesnt matter that much?
marc hanson

>> Do these scoops force enough air through? I suppose the filter sucks the air in so it probably doesnt matter that much? <<

No, none. The filter has to suck the air into the intake. Not too much of a problem. Carl has a neat little mod where he has made a little lip on the outer edge of the air intake grille trim (have a look at Dieter's webpage - - which works really well.

Paul (Yellow Trophy on XPF) has made a different version - using a section of square section drain pipe trim...

But the bottom line for us is that this would constitute a body work modification, so isn't going to be appreciated by scrutineers :o(
Rob Bell

well it might be ok for the acsmc championship (where Im actually doing most of my speed events now) as in that championship Im RGM not standard. I'll check. Couldnt work our Dieters web page!
marc hanson

Check out this - about half way down the page... :o)
Rob Bell

hmmmm - should be able to rig something up with a bit of plastic card and some duck tape. wont be pretty but it might work!
marc hanson

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