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MG MGF Technical - Moving the rear mirror ?

Hi all,

anyone else that does have problems with the front screen rear mirror ? Being fairly tall I usually have to bend down to be able to see trafic lights etc. All this much to the inteference of the rear mirror. Of course the screen upper rim also contributes to this but my first concern is that fairly big mirror :(

I was thinking of placing a rear mirror between the MG-embossment and the screen and also keep some lightbulb in the mounting that is left for the old rear mirror...

Anyone done something like this ? Possible donor for a "shelf-mounted " mirror ? Anyway , I will start digging into this beeing too annoyed by the blockage of the original mirror. Any better on the TF ?

Regards , Carl.

I've had similar thoughts; my idea was to create a moveable bracket of plastic to go between the window bracket and mirror bracket. That way the mirror could move up and down and the interior lights would be retained. I just haven't got round to experimenting / designing it.

Fairly easy really though, copy the male / female tapers from the car onto 2 'tennon?' joints (with through bolts to tension hinge) and make a joining piece of suitable length (3cm?).

Anyone got the time / inclination?!

Once designed they could be injection molded by the container load!

Mike Satur?! B&G, Anyone?!
Ian Walker

Greetings to Sverige! I worked in Linkoping for a few years and had the opportunity to travel a bit in Sweden too - Superb country!
Ian Walker

Don't some of the classics like MGA's have a mirror that slides up and down a chrome rod between the top of the dashboard and the top of the screen.

Safety might be an issue in today's environment


Thank you for raising this issue again. Yes the mgb roadster Mk1 had the feature of a rear vision miror on a vertical rod. The last time I raised this issue I got blown into the weeds as some sort of twit. But it is a real problem as you DO lose vision at the most critical times.


if you had it stliding on 2 metal rods, these could cary the electric for the lights, so no wire would be needed.
also fyi if you have 2 other mirrors, you don't actualy have to have the middle mirror at all.


Easyer solution: Get used to stop earlyer in front of traffic lights...;-)
That's the solution I apply.


Those swiss guys ;) LOL

Anyway, can someone explain please how to remove the adhered die cast mount bracket which holds the mirror in place from the screen ?

I recall having damaged the front screen of the old wreck when I tried it. Pulled of a piece of glass together with the bracket ;)

I used any plier and turned the bracket off. This was obviously the wrong way.

PS. best option to see traffic lights is driving open :)

Dieter Koennecke


>> Anyway, can someone explain please how to remove the adhered die cast mount bracket which holds the mirror in place from the screen ?

with the rear mirror installed, park under the sun for a few minutes then try wriggling the mirror as if to adjust. my rear mirror fell off when i'm doing that. :-( .


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