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MG MGF Technical - MPi Ignition System

1996 1.8i (non VVC, low-ohmic coil mounted on back of block, with 'traditional' distributor ignition)

Tonite I had to get my girlfriend to tow my home (again). - It rained today, which means the ignition system failed, again. Its good that my 200 MG Maestro *ALWAYS* starts first time, come rain and shine, and has more than enough torque to shift the F with ease!

Has anyone else suffered with this early ignition system? Its right in the rain fall under the vent in the bootlid - Im thinking about getting another low-ohmic coil (VW use them) and fitting it inside the engine bay out of the weather.

Has anyone else done similar? Anyone else solved this problem in a different way?

David Monks

I recall some had problems with the igniton coil at a 120PS none VVC and the troubles with the double coil for the VVC is much more common.

Caused possibly by creaks in the isolation ?
Anyway, you could move it and mount it to the rear bar of the subframe and put some bracket on to protect the ignition coil from mud etc.

I think that location is the current at mgtf 160 with oil cooler ?

This is what Dave L. got while his car was upgraded at well known spellialist.


Thanks Dieter,

Since not many people have had this problem, perhaps I have diagnosed this fault incorrectly. I thought the coil was so exposed that anyone with this early coil setup would suffer from this problem - perhaps something else is going on.

Runs perfectly most of the time, but occasionally (always after rain) it is VERY difficult to start, and sometimes will not try atall. I have ALL new ignition system (except the coil) - ie plugs, leads, cap, rotor, but not coil.

Any ideas?


This thread was discussed on 22/02/2006

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