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MG MGF Technical - Multi Function Unit

The circuit diagram for the MGF mentions a Multi Function Unit (104).
Can anyone tell me where it is located? I do not mean the MEMS or the alarm ECU.
Bruce Caldwell

I've also wondered where this is ...
The only real clue is that it contains the 'lights on' buzzer - and this is in the same area as the under-steering wheel fuses, diagnostics plug, etc.


The ECU - Multi Function is described as being 'behind drivers side of facia' This description from the UK workshop manual.

I haven't ripped one out so beyond this I need to research to understand it's exact shape, position and connections. However it has a huge number of internal functions.

Roger Parker

Isn't it that red colured box at the rear of the passenger compartment fuse panel ?
Dieter Koennecke

>>passenger compartment fuse panel ?

For LHD cars, of course. Still driver's side for those of us who persist in driving on the correct side of the road. :-)


PS. Just in case...
Ed Clarke

Ed, what are you on ?
Dieter Koennecke

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