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MG MGF Technical - Multiple TB or Trophy TB

Can someone explain the difference between multiple Throttle body and the Trophy 52mm throttle body.
I will only be changing exhaust and air filter until the warranty runs out in 2003 so would I notice any real improvement from either of these 2 options??
Kevin White

A Trophy Throttle body looks exactly the same as the standard TB but is 4mm bigger in diameter.
Multiple TBs means more than one throttle body. Usually it means one for each cylinder ie 4xTB on an MGF.

Bruce Caldwell

I forgot your second request. It would be far easier to go for the one Trophy TB and you will notice an improvement at full throttle. Multiple TBs is complicated stuff but would give significant gains.
Bruce Caldwell

<<would give significant gains>>
at 600

Bruce and David are quite right - good gains can be expected with MTBs - but you'll need to invest in modifying other parts of the engine to take full advantage of them, plus a new ECU.

Upto 200 bhp - but this comes with a four figure bill...

A Trophy 52mm TB is a better bet in the first instance: it is a direct swap for the original, it's plug and play, and gives a modest 5bhp gain in power when used in conjunction with a high performance air filter.
Rob Bell

Thanks Guys...Looks like Trophy TB for now since the 4-figure tuning bill is for MUCH later...

Rob...will you be competing at the Wiscombe Hill Climb in 2 weeks???
Kevin White

>>Rob...will you be competing at the Wiscombe Hill Climb in 2 weeks??? <<

Looking unlikely at the moment Kevin. Will definitely be doing Castle Combe though, at the end of the season :o)
Rob Bell

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