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MG MGF Technical - My Kerbing Incident (see General Section)

As a result of my sliding the back nearside wheel of my TF160 into the kerb yesterday, it would appear that (as a minimum) the front mounting of the trailing link (the A-shaped girder that runs forward from the hub) is shot.

Barretts, the local ex-MG garage say it'll cost more than my insurance excess of 200 to fix and there might, of course, be more damage.


As my insurance company's claim line, which I am attempting to reach through Lancaster's phone system, is permanently engaged, I thought I'd pick your brains.

Is this mounting made to be frangible, so that it gives way to protect from further damage, or is it likely to be more substantial than a bolt breaking or bush popping out? What is the front end of the link mounted on? Does more than 200 sound acceptable if it's, say, just a broken bolt?

Oh, and has anyone got a direct line for Equity Red Star by any chance? The trouble is one cannot be sure if the line's truly engaged, or there's no-one actually on duty today.
S R Kenyon-Edwards

....oh well, I decided to make an insurance claim and the car's being picked up tomorrow.
S R Kenyon-Edwards

Probably the best and most sensible approach. Last thing you want is a fatigue failure of a part damaged in an accident - so wholesale replacement (=expensive) may be the best approach.
Rob Bell

....Exactly. Unfortunately, I suspect it's not going to an MG dealer, but to an "Accident Repair Centre". Just hope they know what they're doing and will check ALL the components for damage. (And that they replace the tyre with a GS-D2!!)
S R Kenyon-Edwards

Personally, I would not trust any other company other than Tech-Speed, its mile away from me too, but definitly worth getting it sorted with them, they will get it right first time, as they know exactly what they're doing.

I remember when I had my TF160, and I stupidly backed out of my parking space in a multi storey, turned the wheel, and went straight into a pillar! This 2mhp collision caused not only the tracking to be massively out, it also bent one of the connecting 'rods' to the steering, causing the steering wheel to be misaligned (all sorted under warranty at the time, as the dealers told me it shouldn't have done that at such a low speed!)

Sports cars are fragile things, if you even suspect you have curbed an ally, get the car re-aligned.
Chris watton

This thread was discussed between 31/12/2005 and 05/01/2006

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