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MG MGF Technical - My knob spins !!

Hi All,

mgtf 2002 135. My heater control knob spins all the way around and it will click when it gets to the open and closed points. Most working heater knobs stop when reaching the fully closed or fully open positions.
Before I take it all apart, does anyone know what could be causing this problem?


It is all just a couple of bits of stiff wire behind there so hopefully something has just come adrift - dead easy to see if you undo the plastic panel where your knee would normally be.

Hi Branko,

had this problem with mine also, I pulled the knobs of their spindle to inspect them , they are only an interference fit. You may find that the tubular section that engages with the with spindle has splits in it allowing the knob to turn on the spindle instead of turning the switch meachanism. I cured mine by making a a collar from some aluminium tube I happened to have in the garage, it was just the right inside diameter to slip over the split section ( by pareing of some of the ribbing on the tubular section)secured the assembly with adhesive and no problems since. I had to do the heater speed control switch and the flow direction switch. If you are in the Eltham area I can show you what I have done and you can have some of the tubing if you like, I bought it from Bunnings years ago for another project, Call me on 03 0439 6250 if you awnt to call round, Cheers, Alan
A.J. Mackew

Hi Alan,

yes for sure, will call you. Eltham is next door to me.


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