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MG MGF Technical - My new TF, Its arrived....

After 11 weeks my TF160 has finally arrived and I picked it up this weekend.

A few initial problems included a gear knob pointing east instead of north(!!), aerial not screwed in, a small hole on the passengers side where the top of the windscreen, side window and softtop meet, and lots of markings on the paintwork.

When requesting to see the PDI, lots of shuffling around then it transpires no PDI was done. At least they were honest to tell me that.

So off I went for another 2 hours to amuse myself until this was done and then I finally picked it up.

Bodywork and interior properly valeted, radio working (sort of), but hole still in corner when roof up.

Accepted it with the provision that new seals ordered and fitted asap.

Drove it away, and when checking out Radio (the MP3 one) no sound to the rear speakers, adjusted all the faders but still nothing. On the Sunday it suddenly started working, but sound slightly different than the front - probably because no tweeters (??)

Anyway, apart from that great fun to drive albeit limited to 3K RPM for the first few miles. Top down in the sun was superb, but now have a head cold and feel miserable.

Anyone else had the rear speaker problem and what about the corner where the window, windscreen and softtop meet ?

S Reinson


Can't help you with the speakers, but all Fs and TFs have a small gap at the front of the window where it meets the hood. They also have a small gap just behind the door where the hood meets the body. While these look as if they could allow water in, they don't seem to be a problem. Like you, when I picked up my car I noticed both of these gaps and complained. A new seal was fitted but it didn't make the slightest difference.
David Clelland

Im sorry but if I had waited for 11 weeks for a new car and it arrives without a PDI, With marked paint, with a dodgy radio, dodgy gear knob, incorrectly fitted ariel, needing valeted, and then needing new seals which have to be ordered Id have :-

Rejected the car on the spot.
Demanded a full refund.
Used another dealer.
Demanded compansation.

I mean c'mon its a NEW car..... if thats the faults on collection doesnt it make you wonder what else isnt 100% ?? true you will have a warranty, but do you want continual trips back to the dealer ?

Just my opinion.
Dick Pullar

Regarding the problems with the in car entertainment, sounds as though the connector at the back of the head unit is loose, and providing only intermittent connections to the speakers...

The gap between the glass and the seals may be a slight misalignment of the door glass rather than a problem with the seals. But as Dave says, if the car doesn't leak, then I wouldn't get the dealer to mess with the window alignment. It is a job that takes a long time to get right, and few dealerships will have technicians who have the time and patience to do a good job! (speaking from experience!!!) :o(
Rob Bell

I could also be the door alignment, I know of several people who have had this problem.
Check the gaps is equall.
I don't have the gap at the top, is this another cost cutting measure? ;o)
ALso, my knob wasn't straight when, but a couple of washer under it soon sorted that.
Oh, and the standrad Kenwood CD player is not MP3!
Suspect a loose ISO connector on the raer of the unit is causeing the probs.
Steve White

I had thought about the window alignment, but I guess that involves taking door apart to change - and with that its unlikely to stop rattling!!!!

The seal was slightly 'squashed' as it met the windscreen but seemed to straighten out over a few hours reducing the gap size. Thing is, if it was a bit longer (only 2 mm's) then the join would be perfect.

Its the uprated radio, with MP3, this works fine no problems. Great reception on AM for Radio 5 - first time I've had this!!

I also suspect a loose connector, trouble is taking the radio out and checking it will probably create some rattle - maybe better I leave as is ?

I understand about the 'refuse the car' bit, but I'd waited so long, my p/ex was in need of some new rubber, so I thought take it and go.

At least its covered by the warranty and the problem noted in my delivery documents.

Silver paintwork and the grenadine interior, looks great but some people said I was brave.

What about the tyre pressure, I've read lots on this, so how about a firm statement from an experienced end-user ?

Manual on alarm is slightly confusing, do I press once, twice in quick succession etc... Its the new plipper, so does anyone have an idiots guide ?
S Reinson

Hi Shaun,

>>I had thought about the window alignment, but I guess that involves taking door apart to change - and with that its unlikely to stop rattling!!!!<<

You are right: the door card trim would need to be removed from the door to access the adjustment screws. Go with the new seals and see how you go: if the car fails to leak, then don't worry too much about it - IMO.

>>I also suspect a loose connector, trouble is taking the radio out and checking it will probably create some rattle - maybe better I leave as is ?<<

No, removing the radio to access the connectors will not cause a rattle. I suspect that most new MGs are currently delivered without a radio fitted - they're likely to be installed by your dealership.

Removing the Kenwood from the dash is not hard - so worth doing. A dodgy speaker connection is very likely to drive you completely nuts!
Rob Bell

Before all, wellcome to the F/Tf comunity, Shaun.

1) I got an earlier MG TF 135 and I got no gap on the top of the hood.

2) the rear gap exist, but I had no problems of water inside there.

3) In Spain, the car arrives without radio, and any dealer fit the radio they like (or you agree)
Mine is a Pioneer cd player, fited as standar by this dealer.

4)The whole gear system is slightly turned to the east (aprox 5 degrees!!!!) Nightmare for me at start, mainly on the 2nd and 5th gears.

5) And finally, when I used the recomended tyre presures (1.8 and 2.5 atm) the car was very brave and tended to steer (?) in the back train, so I use 1.9 - 2.3 and I feel it better to drive in corners

Well, I know. I have to learn english again!!!!


My new TF120 had the gaps in both windows. Dealers sorted them out (no mention of new seals) and it is now totally water proof, except for a VERY slight seepage around the LH mirror mount. There was a slight drip from the middle of the windscreen area, but the rain was very heavy at the time.

The F used to leak quite a lot through both mirrors on occasions.
Neil Courtney

Hi Shaugn
Picked up my new 160 on Saturday. Must say that I too was dissapointed at the state of the valet. I finished up giving it a good polish when I got home. Was also dissapointed to be told that the 160 badge on the rear panel has now been deleted, (or at least thats what they told me!). Ive just ordered one 17.50!!. I have the most horrendous rattling beind the drivers seat, I suspect its the soft top mechanism, must check it out before returning it to the dealer. The CD player has also apparantly been chaged from the one listed in the brochure, mine didn't come with a manual so I'm waiting to receive one in the post. I ordered mine with wooden trim and s/wheel, I think it would make the interor complete if they included wooden surrounds around the heater vents as well. All in all though I love the car and gave it its first run to Epsom on Sunday and will be doing the Autum Gold run this weekend. Good luck with the new car.
C Grundy

<<Manual on alarm is slightly confusing, do I press once, twice in quick succession etc... Its the new plipper, so does anyone have an idiots guide ? >>

One push locks the car and sets the alarm, two pushes in quick sucession also deadlocks the doors. You can do this initially of after the single push. If you want to disarm the alarm inside, say you want to leave a dog in the car for a few moments, then use the key to lock.

The immobiliser needs the plipper to be with the key, and if you try to start the car with both plippers on the key ring, it will not start, as I found out when I was selling my old F.



PS, you can get greater range on the plipper if you put it into the fleshy part under your chin. Useful to know sometimes - try it.


help im a bit thick! whats a PDI and should i have one? i picked up new tf135 this week and got probs with windows!

PDI = Pre Delivery Inspection, where the dealer should go over the car with a fine tooth comb to verify that everything that should be there is, and that it is in top working order. If it isn't, then it should have been fixed well bofore you got into the drivers seat.
Neil Courtney

thanks, dont think mine can have been checked! :-( the windows dont fit with the soft top and dealer being awkward, the back shelf thing wasnt in right and the batt lead wasnt tightened!

<where the dealer should go over the car with a fine tooth comb > Nice one Neil;-)
Colin, rear TF 160 badge for 17.50!!! At least it will be solid titanium,lol.


You should find the 160 badge on the TF160 model

I took delivery of mine the same time as yours, and it was on - no extra price.

My suspicion is yours fell off and the dealer is unaware.

Oh, tyre pressures anyone ?

S Reinson

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