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MG MGF Technical - New Brakes and balls joints!

Hi All,

Just had the F serviced and I'm being told it needs new ball joints and Brakes (discs/pads)

Any reccomendation on the brakes, as I've seen s few deals on ebay that look tempting? One thing though, if i upgrade to driled and grooved, will the Calipers need upgrading too? or should I just buy the factiry standards?! Seen some EBC ones on there for 60 delivered.

As for the Ball Joints, any ideas on pricing as they haven't quoted me yet

Much appreciated

A dedicated F'er

Drilled & grooved discs are good for reducing brake fade under hard use, but most people find the standard discs perfectly adequate. No need to upgrade the calipers provided you're sticking to the same dimensions, i.e. 240mm.

Try for standard discs & pads, or JRT Automotive for good prices on EBC & other higher spec discs & pads, plus they sell ball joints at 10 a go - not seen a better price than that anywhere.
Mike Hankin

I would avoid drilled discs where possible - I have heard too many horror stories about the drillings causing stress fractures in the discs.

Grooved discs are a good idea, as it helps reduce pad glazing.

Does the F need upgraded discs? Depends on the driving you do. If just on the road, then you'll find that the standard set up is perfectly adequate. For track days, you can upgrade the brake pads (and the grooves will help here too).

For ultimate track performance, then AP racing discs and 4-pot calipers are a great upgrade. And they look terrific too - which for many people is justification enough to buy them - and why not? :o)
Rob Bell

i too have been told i need new discs and pads ... just thinkin of upgrading the pads though.. thanks for the advice was gonna go the whole hog and upgrade the lot..the forum saved me again

I'm not a big fan of EBC green stuff pads - I'd go for Mintex 1144s :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks, I've found some Norbitt (brembo) discs and Mintex pads on ebay, looks like the real deal, any thoughts?

Plus, what do you all think about fitting them myself? (with some help from a friend and a manual)


Changing the pads is a piece of cake - font: rear:

Discs are theoretically simple too - but often removing them from the hub is tricky due to a tight fit and some corrosion. Some 'jollying along' with a lump hammer usually does the trick though (remember to turn the disc between clouts - and some ear deafenders are probably a good idea ;o))
Rob Bell

An impact driver is useful for getting the disc retaining screws out without resorting to blasphemy. When I first changed the discs I wire brushed all the rust off the sides of the drive flange and painted on some rust treatment, and since then it's been the work of a moment to gently tap the discs off.
Mike Hankin

Good tip there Mike! :o)
Rob Bell

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