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MG MGF Technical - New clutch, how much ?

Anyone had a clutch replaced? After a lot of deliberating, putting the enevitable off and after replacing the clutch hydrolics master cylinder, my local dealer has finally agreed that something mechanical is wrong with the clutch system which will require the clutch mechanism being stipped down. Whilst I don't know what the actual problem is, I could get an idea of cost by looking at the standard cost of replacing the clutch itself.

So, I'd be interested to hear experiences of clutch replacement (good & bad)just so I can prepare myself incase the warranty won't pick up the cost.



Phil, the gear box has to come off, it's a bit fiddly, most of the cost is the ~ 7hrs labour

They will then just replace the whole clutch (3 bits including release bearing))

My estimate would be ~ 400 at a Rover dealer.

I reckon it's best done by dealer unless you know another garage that has worked on an F b4.

email me your tel no if you want to discuss options


the red one with the white MG logo on the bonnet
John Thomas

Hi John,

Thanks for the info, I'll email my number as it's remotely possible you may have heard of the particular problem I'm having.

I hope Rover are paying you for that clear and eye catching publicity ? we've waved once on the A36 Beckington. Maybe speak to you shortly.



Hi Phil,

Brown & Gammons also do a clutch kit, you can find details on their web site. I don't have any experience with this, but it is another alternative. Someone else may be able to comment on this.

Here is a snippet from the site:
Fast road/competition spec clutch kit made by AP. Kit includes all three parts. Price: 169.99 KIT
Approximate currency equivalents:
Stock No: BGF5005"



Daniel Ginger

The conclusion, for those that are interested.

The clutch housing had broken fingers, which put uneven pressure on the clutch itself. This caused heavier pressure to operate the clutch, which led to a seal leak on the master cylinder. (would this really be an intermittent fault ?). The result being 141 to replace the master cylinder, followed by 550 to replace the clutch housing :o(

Collecting it Saturday am, John.


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