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MG MGF Technical - New Headlight Units. At a Car Boot

Bought 2 headlight units Brand new Boxed! From a Car Boot Today for 40.00. I Suppose they may be left hand, but even though I've just sold the F I thought somebody might want them. The bowls and glass should be the same I suppose. The writing is in English on the box.anybody know Part numbers
clive heenan

all up to date there.


Many thanks Dieter
clive heenan

Wow, what a great find Clive! :o)

An unlikely "Bargain hunt" find I would guess - or does quite a lot of car stuff turn up at these events?
Rob Bell

I got some headlights in the garage which had to be changed at the last mot due to them being "fused".
They look and are fine except that they don't show enough light for the mot spec?
Tony Thomas

The chrome coating on the reflector bowels has deteriorated. They can be re-chromed - see

Mike Hankin was attempting to arrange a return scheme for owners - so if you are prepared to donate your failed lamps to the cause, it would be greatly appreciated :o)
Rob Bell

Oops, forgot to post that link:
Rob Bell

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