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MG MGF Technical - NEW Hi Performance air filter

I have mentioned this in the past. The PTP (Power Train Projects, they who do the uprated K series specs for Lotus, Caterham etc) replacement airfilter assembly is now available.

It is a complete replacement unit that includes a carbon fibre airbox and new cold air pick up. Inside is a specifically designed ITG filter element and the overall flow rates are well in excess of what any road K seres spec will demand.

Apart from airflow gains there is a matter of very significant inlet air temperature reductions. I saw an average of 12 degrees on my modified set up that gave 6bhp and 9lbs ft more. This set up has temp reductions of 15 degrees and the power claims are something in the order of about 10 bhp and a big lump of torque on a 1.8i. Can't remember the results for the VVC.

Here is a unit that has more flow than a K&N 57i, yet because it is in a sealed box it has a very much colder air intake temp. Now there is an opportunity to have your cake and eat it! I haven't got the cost of the kit, but I recal that mention of about 250 was the ball park figure back in January.

Anticipate some more very interesting developments coming from this quarter in the near future. I have hands on with one!!

Roger Parker

I suppose that a contact point would be of use!!!

...don't expect anything on the web site just yet as they are in the process of moving offices. This and other matters are taking up much time Ring or e-mail for details.

Roger Parker

At last!!!!!

I've had one of these on order since last August.

Roger, are you telling me that you have already got your hands on one - I will be well miffed if you have.

200 plus VAT was the figure I was quoted - which isnt too bad when you remember the filter is included.

Just one thing thats occured to me - is the filter sealed in the carbon fibre duct? If so, how do you clean it?


Yes I have had my hands on one yesterday when I called into PTP. Only to examine it though!.

The kit I looked at was I think for the Elise and comes complete. The filtration medium is separate and inserted by you. This indicates that the reve4rse should allow for easy cleaning. The production version is visually the same as the development versions, other than the extra parts needed to make it a complete fit to the car.

Oddly enough it didn't even occur to be to seek one for my car, perhaps when I next visit!! I may need to look at that sooner rather than later to match some current work. You will have had the oportunity to gain some experience by then so it will be interesting to see what transpires. Certainly the gains claimed in all their other products are conservative so the airfilter results may well create a new pinacle.

Our discussion also covered a number of other things, such as some recent performance testing at Bruntinthorpe and the results gained. Neil was at pains to point out that the Marvin's F was now well sorted and working well and that I should try the car again. The acceleration times quoted indeed impressive.

Roger Parker

I saw this unit advertised in one of the Motorsport mags- a very neat piece of kit.

200 quid is quite alot of money though- but the shape intrigued, and I figure that someone might be able to make their own airbox out of glass fibre- the carbon thing is OTT and purely for visual effect rather than practical use.

Nice one PTP. The chamber itself did not look particular large- the size of the filter itself Rog?

Rob Bell

Roger, has this been designed to fit the Elise? Would this be a case of hashing up your own mounting and finding another cold air stream or would it convert easily?

Could save me cleaning my K&N :-)
Tony Smith

The Elise version has been around for some time - there was one on the PTP stand at the Autosport show, but the MGF version seems to be taking an age to appear.

The have done at least one MGF kit which is/was on Techspeeds car, but getting them to make a second one (and a third one for another keen punter) is turning out to be more difficult that you would imagine.

I did ask about a cheaper glass fibre version - and Neil reckoned it would be about 30 cheaper.


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