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MG MGF Technical - New Hood


Having just bought a new Ignition Blue 05 spec TF, I'm trying to change the current black hood for a blue one. You'd think that this would be a relatively simple operation since I believed (foolishly) that the canvas fabric and glass rear screen all come as one unit.

Unfortunately, things are never that simple. It seems the hoods that were put on at the factory came in pieces that were then put together.

I could go down the route of getting an X-part hood (with the squarer glass rear screen)put on, but I want to keep the car as close to original spec as possible with the rounder glass rear window that were put on 05 spec cars.

When the dealer started talking 4 figure sums to do the work, I started breaking out into a cold sweat. Apparently, new canvas pieces would have to be ordered and the existing glass rear screen would have to be stitched in.

Does anyone have any ideas? Local roof trimmers perhaps?




Get in touch with BAS limited, they are in Cwmbran, Gwent Wales

They do a really nice softop with fitted glass rear screen for around the 600 mark and will make it in any colour you like.

I am not sure if they have a web site but the phone number is:-

01633 873664

Quite a few people have there hoods now and are very pleased with the results.

I am going down the same road in the next few months as my hood is noe a little shabby

Stu Dickens

Might be worth trying the MGF Centre for a swap?

The BAS hood comes with the squarer, slightly smaller rear window.

Only 631 2005MY mgtfs were built, so the chances of finding a second hand hood in the right colour seems somewhat remote, sorry.

All of which leaves you with ever diminishing options if you want to retain the standard hood.

You could try and chase down a complete hood assembly with the fabric in the correct colour from X-Part - it's worth a punt. There is a remote chance that B&G or MGFC may have bought some of the hood assemblies following MGR's collapse - so again, worth making some calls.

Thereafter, you are into specialist hood trimming territory. I can't make any recommendations on this as I have no experience of specialist trimmers. Have a look in your local Yellow Pages, and get some quotes.

Good luck
Rob Bell


I'd kind of assumed that BAS supplied the production hoods for MG/Rover but the BAS hood on my friends F is quite different in construction to my2005 hoods.
John Thomas

Guys, many thanks for all your help - I'll make some calls.

Rob, forgive my ignorance but what does the MGFC stand for? I don't suppose you have their number by any chance?



Sorry JK - MGF Centre. Telephone 01902 403045
Rob Bell

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