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MG MGF Technical - 'New' huge fuse in the TF

Dieter, looking at the TF yesterday I noticed a HUGE (80 amp 32volt) fuse in the centre of the engine bay, the EPAS fuse is still where it ought to be, so it isn't that.
Any ideas?

Will Munns

Same fuse in my Freestyle,has 2 large dia cables feeding to it then goes into wiring loom.

Be interesting to know what its for, I don't think its even mentioned in the handbook.

Will - I don't remember, but were there any 2000MY cars there last night? That we looked at for that fuse, anyway. It might be a change from then, rather than just the TF.

Ed Clarke

Alternator fuse if it has large brown wires connected to it. That's my bet.

Bruce Caldwell

No MY2000 cars there Ed, but my brother has one, so I'll sneak a look at his :o)
Rob Bell

Talking about new stuff. I would like to temporarily hijack the thread and ask: is there an oil cooler in the TF160? I ask this 'cos they mentioned it in a Spanish website (for those who can speak Spanish:


David, there's an oil cooler fitted to my TF160, not sure about the rest of the range though ?


David, not on the UK spec cars, but perhaps in the hotter climates they do add it to help cool the engine..?

Steve Childs

80 amp is too low to be in the alternator circuit and the only other thought would be aircon.

UK spec 160PS engines are fitted with a small compact and quite efficient oil to water heat exchanger. This is fitted to the rear of the block in a similar position to where pre MEMS 3 MGF saw the coils mount.

The oil filter housing has a pair of take off bosses facing downwards into which are fitted pipes that then follow the line of the block base around the engine where they then connect to the heat exchanger.

The water side is in the bypass circuit and so water flow is permanently present. The unit is not a simple pipe within a pipe, but a proper unit with an internal matrix 'ah la' chargecooler designs.

This design provides not only heat transfer from oil to coolant, but since coolant reaches normal operating temp far faster than oil you see the oil warmed early for greater engine efficiency, lower wear and greater economy. On the question of heat transfer from the oil remember the TF has a significantly uprated cooling system and so it is capable of taking on board and dealing with more heat. It is also far easier to package.

Roger Parker

I don't think its air-con fuse,as

1] my car does not have air-con

2] air-con fuse should be fuse no 3 @ 20 amp under bonnet.

So still not sure what this 80amp fuse is?


On the circuit diagram I have for a MY2001 it shows an alternator fuse of 80 amp. I would imagine this diagram is similar to the wiring on the TF.

Bruce (still betting)
Bruce Caldwell

No such thing visible in my early 2001 VVC.
David Bainbridge

Joe, Preston,

Please remove the fuse and see what doesn't work! :-)


Bruce Caldwell

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