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MG MGF Technical - New Key & Remote Fob

Gday - I've recently bought a 2002 mgtf but the dealer has lost the 2nd key. I've seen Remote Fobs for sale on ebay - but does anyone know how to program them?

Thanks - Neil
Neil Craig

Be careful buying fobs on eBay, or elsewhere. If you buy one of the round fobs make sure you get the bar code with it otherwise it will not be possible to synchronise it to the ECU. You will also need to make sure that the fob that you are buying is on the correct frequency for the country that you are in.

Once you have the fob it will have to be programmed to the ECU in your car. This requires T4 - the MG Rover diagnostic system.


Become a member and look through the archive as Branko's comments are required reading for OZ, he learnt the hard way. This was for an F which I think is easier to program.
Andrew Regens

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