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MG MGF Technical - New leads and plugs

Just coming up to my 48,000 mile service, can't recall if the leads and plugs are changed at this service or not but I am going to ask the dealer to do this.

Which plugs and leads will the dealer use and at what cost ?

More importantly what plugs and leads the BBS suggest ?

I'm not a track user butaelly I want something quality at a decent price.

Christopher James

By the way it's a 97 VVC - if that makes any difference.
Christopher James

Just buying a 97 R.

5 year 60,000 mile service they change the plugs ( the next service I will need).
They say the plugs cost about 60!! the full service 592.

Oh ahh but still buying it this Friday if all goes well.



This has been discussed before, so take a look through the archive. Both Mike Satur and B&G do replacement leads which are cheaper and better quality than the standard items. There are two version available, the best having extra insulation, I think one is 8mm and the other 8.5mm, (the standard is about 7mm). General consensus is you won't notice the difference unless you go racing.

I found it a quite difficult to squeeze the 8mm leads into the retainers, so you might fnd the thicker ones a real struggle.

The vvc has no distributor so you only have the four plugs leads to change. The mpi kit contains the normal five leads. Can't say I noticed any difference in performance or starting, but the old leads had a small burned patch where they were arcing across to cylinder head bolts under the plastic cover, so the additional insulation might be a long term insurance policy.

I would also consider replacing the plugs with some better-value copper electrode ones. Performance is enhanced but replacement every 6-10k would be my recommendation (trade off between longevity and perfomance and cost of the OEM equipment).

There's plenty in the archives on this.

N837 OGF

B&G sell good magnecore leads for about 55 and the OEM plugs for about 40. Pretty easy DIY job, and a real improvement on the original leads if the car is a couple of years old.

Copper core plugs do appear to be fine if you can be bothered to change them regularly and therefore much cheaper (if you DIY). Otherwise supply the plugs from elsewhere and get dealer to fit OEM to save money.
David Mills

This thread was discussed on 11/12/2001

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