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MG MGF Technical - New MGF bumper

I have just run into the back of someone. Totally my own fault (it's not my week!). The only damage is smashed headlight and crumpled bumper (the plastic panel round the front and the little black grill are crumpled). The metal bodywork on the bonnet and the front wings has escaped uncreased.

Can anyone tell me how easy it is to get hold of a new bumper and headlight and how easy it is to fit these? Also can you buy coloured bumpers or will I need to get it painted?

Any ideas on cost? It's a 98 MGF

Thanks (need to avoid high garage bills!)
Dan Riley

You need to check the armature. That the metal cross price that runs across the front of the car just below the radiator. If you have damaged the plastic bumper there is a very good chance the armature is bent. It is part of the crumple zone and bends like it is made of recycled coke cans!

Its shown as No. 10 on this page.
Steve Ratledge

If I have damaged the armature does that mean its a big job? ie best left to pros?
Dan Riley

I am in the process of sourcing one, having just done a similar thing. So far a new Armature is 77.44 from a Rover dealer or 66 from MGCenter both plus VAT & delivery.

It looks like a bolt off, bolt on job - unless someone like to comment otherwise.
Steve Ratledge

that's not disastrous - any idea on the cost of the bumper?
Dan Riley


I've often seen bumpers go on eBay for around 50-75... keep an eye out..

MGF Centre quote 110+vat for bumpers on their site (


Chris Tromans

I have mentioned this company many times, however I haven't had the need to use them and I have not heard of any negative feedback.

Auto Plastics 01462 436683, ask for Mike, they are in Hitchin, herts. not too far from you. They qoute 70.00 for front or rear bumpers and 10.00 delivery, they will also spray to match.

Adrian Clifford

Yes, inquired there after your hint some weeks ago.

They do export aswell. Just in case for oversea needs.
>For an MGF bumper to Germany cost 55 for 3 day road freight.

:) May be at any time.

If you've pushed the bumper armature in enough to smash a headlight, it's possible the bolts to remove it won't be easily accessible. A few minutes with an angle grinder should sort that out.

Things to check are:
1. Does the bonnet catch still line up OK, i.e. does the bonnet release & open without grumbling? If so you've not moved the slam panel - good news. This section is relatively flexible so usually can just be pulled back into position if necessary.
2. Remove the headlamp unit and check if any of the mounting lugs on the plastic body have snapped off. If so there may be a little 'persuasion' work required before the new headlamp will fit. If the headlamp is anything but a snug fit you'll struggle to get the beams to meet MOT reqs.
3. The radiator is pretty close behind the bumper so worth inspecting it closely for any damage, and monitor the coolant levels closely for a while.

Once everything is lined up again it's a straightforward bolt-on exercise.
Mike Hankin

Regarding Autoplastics, I got excellent service from them, and a bargain bumper as well.

Only problem is the spray was less than perfect, although they were asked to do it very quickly, and perhaps I rushed them too much.

Just a word of caution.

Bumper and service was perfect.


Thanks d, that's nice to hear.

Dan let us know if you follow this route.

Adrian Clifford

Adrian - will do, cheers

Mike - its more the glass on the headlight cracked and broke on impact than anything else I think. The bonnet is opening and closing ok, but the release handle in the boot has not returned to its position properly - concern?
Dan Riley

Could be the release cable is being squeezed by something, best to unbolt everything and then see what it's doing. There is some adjustment possible in the position of the catch, doesn't sound as if anything has moved by much. The shut lines around the top edge of the bonnet will identify whether it has moved on its hinges.
Mike Hankin

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