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MG MGF Technical - New Mini ( NFC )

Anybody heard if the new mini suffers from dodgy gearboxes ?
S Laithwaite

It's possibly the one thing my friend hasn't had to take the car back to the dealer for - but that is a sample of one
Will Munns

Oh I seemed to have destroyed a synchromesh unit in one last night. Flipping heck all I did was reverse it a bit sharpish.

Still warranty job. Even got a dig at the BMW service manager :-)))
S Laithwaite

All Mini Ones must still be withing warrenty, my friend is selling his before the warrenty runs out!

He wants a lotus/vx220, but had been weened off it by lots of sensible friends - Untill I showed him the midget ... now hes looking at small open top agin!
Will Munns

Hi Will,

My boss recently picked up his VX220 Turbo and I have to say it's the dogs... looks superb and when he took me out in it he scared the life out of me! bugger me, it's quick...

Got a fair few rattles tho, just like my F...

Chris Tromans

This thread was discussed on 12/05/2004

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