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MG MGF Technical - New Plugs ?

My F goes in for its 36000 mile service in January. Is it worth having the plugs replaced at this stage and if so will I benefit from better fuel economy, performance etc. Are there other pros and cons for changing them now.

I asked my dealer (Diamond, Hatfield) to use Mobil 1 (as I did previously). Apparently they are having a hard time sourcing it. They are happy for me to supply my own though! Fair enough!

I hope they do the coolant change correctly !!


Someone recently was talking about Diamond and the huge difficulty they have in getting Mobile 1. I would have thought your best bet is the tell them you will supply the oil and just buy 4 litres (?) from your local Halfords. Be sure you give Diamond clear written instructions via an email or fax a week before the service (use some communication method where you have a clear record that they got the information!). I would also leave a copy of the written instruction taped the the oil and I would leave the can of oil in the driving seat when you hand the car over for service.

Change the plugs - you will be amazed by the improvement. Suggest you also change the HT leads. If you have some mechanical ability both are easy to change yourself and B&G are a good and reliable source of parts for both. I nice little job over the Christmas holidays!



Save yourself some cash on Mobil 1. MGF takes 4.5 litres, so you have to buy 5 litres (40 from Halfords) and the dealer will charge 6-7 for oil filter, 6 from Halfords. However any Halfords garage will do oil and filter change with Mobil 1 in about 20 mins, and cost is the summs, I did!
You aint paying a dealer 50 per hour for a 17 year old pimply youth do do your oil change are you?
Rgds Andy C19 MGF
Andy Bourne


I've now had a chance to check over my car which went into Diamond for its 36k service recently and it seems ok, although the radiator fan still comes on after about 5 minutes.

Their labour charge is currently 65GBP before vat, but no indication was given on the invoice about which technician carried out the work. There have been quite a few new people taken on in the last 12 months and I've lost touch with individuals, except for Scott the service manager who is excellent. Incidently the fax number for Diamond is 01707 266712.


See the thread 'starting' for more about plugs and leads!!



At the top (well kinda in the middle ish) of my invoice was the name of the technician who carried out the work.


So they actually told you they have trouble getting Mobil 1! Must be cause I had a go at them on Monday for not telling me! Other than that they are pretty good. My 36k service all in, plus an extra 20 quid to cover the extra cost of the Magnatec oil, cost 218 ukp.

Are you taking your car in, or getting it picked up? I got mine picked up, and well it may be my imagination, but the clutch just doesn't feel right now... I'll take mine in next time.

Hope that is of some help

R585 ERO
Chris George

Hi Chris

My car was done two weeks ago.

The name at the top and middle of the invoice is the guy on the service desk, not the technician.

Diamond have always offered to pick my car up from home, but I have declined their offer since I was told by a neighbour the guy who drove it away was wearing a neck brace at the time. I followed this up and was told his doctor told him he was fit to drive. Given the limited rearward vision of the "F", I am not convinced it was a good idea.

Incidently I asked Diamond why they no longer provide the MG as courtesy car and was told it's because some customers didn't look after them. Personally I take greater care of theirs than I do of my own, but I guess some people have a different attitude.


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