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MG MGF Technical - New Sparks improve performance?

Hello 'F'riends

96 mpi, K&N (cleaned), SP exhaust, knuckles, 42k

Getting my car 2 week France/Italy ready i thought I replace my sparks with super expensive NGK double platinums. The old champions where in for 6 years now and I thought it's about time.

So I bought the NGK's from the local supplier who had to order them first and he said I don't need to adjust the spark plug gap. True?

Somehow the car seems abit hesitant and less quick now. I also used 98 octane before and now running on 95 again. Could the drop of performance be that noticeable using 95 octane? Anyway I will change to 98 again and hope that will cure it.

thanks for any advice!
Jorg Mendgen


If the car starts from cold OK in wet weather then the plug gaps are probably OK. Are they adjustable or are they the unadjustable variety. If adjustable then make them 0.8mm. Otherwise switch back to 98 octane and see how it goes. If still the same then use the normal plugs.


Bruce Caldwell

Thanks Bruce!

Also the car feels heavier on the throttle and the engine brakes more than before! Maybe it's the fuel. The sparkplugs seemed to be the same distance then the old ones. I remember that the car used to be really torgue in 3rd gear and that is suddenly gone.
Jorg Mendgen


You changed the plugs after 6 years. Did you also chance the ignition leads (the leads to the plugs)? These tend to deteriorate with age. If you changed the plugs without changing the leads, the act of moving the leads could have helped them deteriorate further.

Most people report good results when changing the leads and plugs together. Changed mine after 3 years and 20k miles and really noticed the difference.


Patrick Beet

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