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MG MGF Technical - New sparks /HGF rumours

As recommended by various contributors to this board, I changed sparks and leads at the last service (4 years) on my 36 k miles vvc to much cheaper copper-electrode plugs. Results are as follows:

Car is much more responsive now. Especially to light throttle use.

After 1000 miles I have some MPG readings: previously the performance had deteriorated to an average 33MPG (about 12km/l). Over the last 400 motorway miles I averaged almost 41MPG (14+km/l) and on the previous town 600 miles 37MPG. Car is unmodified, haven't changed petrol recently (always buy branded 95RON) and the air filter wasn't changed at the last service.

Also, talking to someone who used to work at a Rover dealer today, I heard that VVC HGFs were 'not unknown at around 60k miles'. Nothing to do with cam belts (I checked) and the sample was '5 or 6' out of a normal number serviced at a largish Rover dealer. Interpret this as you will. Sounds like circumstantial stuff to me, but I thought someone may wasnt to know.

N837 OGF


Reap the benefits of what I have said many times before, but be aware that once you cross the 6k boundary with these plugs they will have a much sharper decline than the platinum OE type. For that reason I suggest you plan a 6k change point and thus maintain a much more level standard of engine performance. The MPG returns are much as I would expect and reflects the benefit so clean combustion.

Roger Parker


It's in the diary already.

And the change has already paid for itself in saved juice money!

N837 OGF


Sorry, this one came automatically when I read that you switched to copper plugs.

A few weeks ago I posted a message about a lack of performnace after a service. They overfilled the engine with oil and they swapped the platinum spark plugs with copper ones.
Removing some oil gave me a small power gain, but the most came again free after installing new platinum plugs.
It could also be noticed by the sound of the car when accelerating thru the revs (800-6000rpm, SP+K&N). And (not less important) the time needed to reach the 100km/h was around 11 seconds.



For the record I'm now on my second set of NGK plugs in my Sept. 1995 mpi
- as per Rog's reccommendation

They are BPR 6EK if I remember right.

What are you running Hugh?

What were you running Erik?

When changing, ensure you tighten the new plugs up properly.
We know of one red faced owner who didn't.
Eventually the plug loosened enough to be blown out of the head taking the threads with it. He had to have the head off to fit helicoil thread inserts :-(
John Thomas

Is your name really John Thomas.?

Do they call you dick for short?
Red Ferrari

Also on BPR 6Es (but not Ks).

N837 OGF

Hi there Red, thanks for your kind interest.

Yes, my name is John Thomas, surprisingly easy to remember isn't it.

I've never had to use an alias but sometimes I'm known as 'jt'

Curiously enough - my brother Richard's nickname is dick though :-)


Ps - don't suppose you are related to the Ferrari's who run the Italian cafe in Cardiff?
John Thomas

Following the instructions of the F, the plugs can be replaced by two types:
* Champion DC8PYP
* Unipart GSP9652

My car is running with the Champions

Others are using:
* Bosch Super F5DP 0R

I haven't got th number of the copper plugs. Never mind, I won't buy them.


I think Red Ferrari is just a troller who stumbled in the wrong BBS. Ignore him. :p
Dirk Vael

>I think Red Ferrari is just a troller who stumbled in the wrong BBS. Ignore him.

Who? :)
Paul Lathwell

Checked last night - for the record I'm on BKR 6EK
John Thomas

BKR6E relate to a standard single earth electrode type of plug, the BKR6EK has the same operating heat ranges but uses two earth electrodes so provides an alternative earthing path. This provides a longer service period whilst maintaining performance, but cost more so you probably find long terms costs are similar.

Interestingly I have seen an instance recently where a new set of plugs (NGK) were giving trouble. Usually a plug problem affects just one plug and you end up with a distinct misfire. This time though the performance was just plain poor. It seems to have mimicked the experience of Erik. A replacement set (identical) provided an instant sharpening of the engines response. I also note that NGK plugs from my supplier seem to have two manufacturing sources, one in France and one in Japan. The suspect ones came from France.

Whilst I have alays favoured NGK, with a second choice of Bosch, the reason for my bias doesn't now exist. When I fitted the Rover M16 twin cam engine to an MGB in 1991 I also had a session on the rolling road. Arriving with plugs having done minimal miles a power run revealed 108 bhp at the wheels. I also had a brand new set of plugs which were fitted and 112bhp was recorded. These results were with Champion made plugs.

Knowing from previous tests that NGK gave better results a set were fitted and 128 bhp was recorded. To prove it was not a blip the other plugs were refitted and the power dropped back again. Refit the NGK and back came the power. Clearly this is a case where the NGKs were working better than the Champions.

In more recent years the same engine type has had both types of plug fitted and the results are very much closer, 2 to 3 bhp being the order of the day. This means that plugs from different makers should give very similar results. They should ALWAYS out perform a plug that has covered several thousand plus miles, whatever the type, assuming the correct grade and gaps.

Roger Parker

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