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MG MGF Technical - new TF switches

do you know if switches placed in central consol has a obliged place? (can AC switch -right- be placed in the place reserved to front antifog lamps -left-?)

I haven't AC and I have to add a switch, so I'm thinking to buy an other "rear glass (hard top) heater switch" and fit it in the place reserved to AC switch. Can I do it or I have to buy "AC" switch?

and, so on, can I fit rear fog guard lamp switch near the front antifog lamps one?



If the TF is the same as the MkII F, then each switch position has slots which make it suitable for a particular switch.

However, it is very easy to file the raised grooves on the body of the switch to allow it to fit into any position.

Sam Murray

On my MGF I have moved the switches so that the front and rear fogs are side by side, you can access the switches by removing the footwell access panel.

I also swapped the Clock and Oil temp guage over so that the Oil guage is nearest the driver.



It's already the case, oil is nearer than clock ....

Ooops sorry LHD ;)



Interesting, so they don't change the dial set up for LHD.

>>On my MGF I have moved the switches so that the front and rear fogs are side by side<<

I've done this too Chris - and also the oil/clock swap! LOL Seems to make more ergonomic sense to me. :o)
Rob Bell

Me too. :-) Hmmm, i'm seeing a pattern here... ;-)

Scarlet Fever

On the mark II the clock and oil dials would be very difficult to swap without taking the console off, they are held in position by a panel and 4 screws.


to all people:


(I have clock far from driver, only english mg have it near driver)

do you know if these switch (or compatible ones) are fitted also in other rover model?
I want try to found it for cheap cost.


I think the switches are cheapest materials already. I don't know any above 10 EURO.
Anyone ?

BTW... forget special parts regarding mgtf... It's nearly all the same since MGF make year 2000. Only some electronic modules and mechanical parts at the suspension are different.

Dieter K.

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