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MG MGF Technical - New tyres for TF?

Hi, I need to change my rear 215/40 R16 tyres for my TF and heard a rumour that a specific brand is best? Can anyone recommend a brand?

Thanks MG
Maritza Gee


I have an MGf and since March 2006, I have been
running the car on Bridgestone REO40 tyres. Clocked up
about 30K since then and they still have quite a bit of legal tread left on them.

Problem was finding tyres that held their grip in the
wet as with some makes, it was quite easy to spin off
if you took a bend/corner a bit too fast.

If you go into "Archive" and type in "Tyres", you will
come across numerous surveys and individual opinions
on what tyres to fit which will probably make your brain more addled than ever!


W.A. Pearson

I would advise you if possible to obtain the Original Fitment - Goodyear F1 GS-D2.

P.S. Is that the Holmfirth where 'The Summer Wine' was film?

I recently put on a new set of Toyo, T1R Proxes.
To me they are the best tyres I have ever had. I push the car a bit and they have not allowed the car to spin out as yet. I also avoided a couple of accidents (not my fault) by braking very hard and the combination of the ABS and these tyres have certainly paid off.

Here is some info from Australia.



I do not believe many/if any TFs had Goodyear F1 GS-D2s fitted Original although they are a good tyre in the top budget.
Do NOT fit Goodyear F1 GS-D3s This is a NO - No for the TF from Goodyear.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

All TFs with 16" wheels had F1 GSD2's fitted as standard. They're still available, but you might have to search around and, as everyone says, make sure you don't get GSD3s. They're not cheap either - at least 80 each.

T Jenner

Everyone does NOT say don't get GSD3s. Like many others I have D3s all round and they are a good tyre. Perhaps while there were D3s on the back and D2s on the front the car was a little skittish in the corners, but you had to push it a bit. Just what is available in NZ when this set wears out is anyones guess. At least they will probably all wear out at the same time this time.

Maybe not even the Toyo's will be available and the same question will need to be asked again.

I have heard t said that the missive from MGR and Goodyear about not using D3s was just politics and they were covering their rear ends in case someone did something stupid and blamed the tyres.
N Courtney

Sorry, I meant don't get GSD3s because he said he was only changing the rears. I've also heard it said that Goodyear tried to get MGR to move to GSD3s on the later cars but for some reason (maybe technical, maybe political!) they wouldn't. Knowing MGR it was probably because they had a warehouse full of GSD2s to use up!

Regardless, I'd suggest matching what you have on the front (which I assume is the standard fitment - GSD2s).

T Jenner

I have a 2004 TF135 and had to replace tyres at 44,000 as LHS rear went flat on the wife and with the ultralow profile it damaged the side wall. Replaced the 2 rears the next day and had to wait 4 weeks for new fronts. Replaced all tyres with same as factory fit - Goodyear Eagle F1 - unreal hanger on, dry and wet.

However while waiting for the new front tyres, driving the car was a real b****. Traveling at 110km/hr down the freeway, the car would step instantly 2 foot sideways. Happened 3 times in a 100 km journey - nearly turned around and restarted trip in Holden sedan. Frightened the bloody hell out of me.

Checked 4 wheel alignment, all OK, spoke casually to a mechanic, he said have you changed the tyres, I said yes only the back, he said that's the problem. The rear tyres are steering the car. I'm really sceptical at this stage, thinking the car has shown its true colours after 2 years of great driving, fit new front tyres and hey, hey, hey. The car is its original immaculate handling machine.

Lesson - if you change one tyre for new, save the frights and change the other 3.
Les Gardner

Thanks for your advice... I ve just replaced all four tyres with Toyo proxies (T1R), as these where recommened not only by MG ownwers but also lotus and mazda owners. They where also the only ones any tyre company had in stock. My Goodyear D2's, on from new, had started to perish at 24K, and where starting to become dangerous.
Maritza Gee

I too use Toyo Proxes but only get about 20K out of them, swapping front with rear (all round 215 40 16s)when the rears get about 2 thirds down, evens out the tread wear so they all need replacing at about the same time. Never let me down though even when changing from the T1S to the T1R.

I found 4 for 196 inc VAT and delivery at Camskill Performance - 49 each, and deliver in 1-2 days.

Not sure if you can get cheaper anywhere else and I have no connection with Camskill, just happy with their service.

Chris Catchpole

Just for info in case anyone needs them, I've just ordered a full set of 4 F1 GSD2s for my TF160 (standard sizes, 195/45R16 and 215/40R16) from Merityre for 270 all-in. If there's no Merityre near you, have them for 309.38 for a full set all-in.

T Jenner

MY TF was fited with Continentals and I have only managed to clock up 10K in the 4 years or so, but was looking to replace as they are pretty worn but still leag, but with all the rain its been a bit dodgy.

So are the continentals rubbish then ?


Continentals were fitted to 15" wheels - mine has 16" which always had the F1s so I'm afraid I can't comment other than saying that the F1's seem very good and I've got over 40k out of the fronts (20k from the backs).

T Jenner

Brian Sharples,Fareham, United Kingdom. (Non Member)

I've just finished reading a very interesting article in the MGOC magazine'Enjoying MG' February 2008, written by Roger Parker and entitled 'MGF and mgtf Goodyear Tyres'. This article refers to two Technical Bulletins issed by MG Rover Group in June and July of 2004 and numbered TB0128 and TB0129. This will be a worthwhile read to any owners with concerns relating to tyres.

I hope this will be of help,

Best regards,

Brian Sharples

There is a new gsd3 out now.very similar to the Avon tread patten
sr foster 81

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