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MG MGF Technical - New Wheels

Im thinking of replacing my VVC wheels with the 11 spoke variety. Is it a simple procedure of removing the old wheels and replacing them with the new or is it like most things in life, somewhat more difficult? Any ideas on likely prices (NOTE: Im in Australia)and or any other factors worth considering before I start this process.
Kind Regard,
G.L Crofts


11 spoke Trophy wheels certainly just bolt on to a standard VVC. As far as I know, the slightly different 11 spoke TF160 wheels do the same, but can't vouch for that personally.

Other factors?

Well the 4-pot AP calipers from the Trophy/TF160 fit underneath them, so are a possible additional upgrade :-) These brakes won't fit underneath other MGF 16" wheels.

If your VVCs got 15" wheels, you'll have a slightly firmer ride with 16"s due to the lower profile tyre.


Brown & Gammons were the cheapest source when I bought mine a couple of years ago, but now there are second-hand sources from the breakers frequently mentioned on this board. I'm not sure what they sell for nowadays.



Dave's you man here Grant - since this is precisely what he's done.

I'm only going to add that TF 11-spoke wheels are also a straight swap (Steve did this a year or so ago, if you recall), and that if you purchase the MGF Trophy 11-spoke wheels, remember to purchase a new centre cap, as the standard MG centre cap is too large for the Technomagnesia wheel. These 'special' caps are available from all the usual sources.
Rob Bell

Trophy wheel centre cap part # DTC 000050 MBA is larger than most other MG wheel centres.

Hmm, this sounds a tempting upgrade. How can you tell the difference between the normal Trophy 11 spokes and the TF160 ones?


The Trophy spokes look slightly cleaner in that they blend straight into the rim without any gap or ridge. The TF spokes have some sort of visible gap between the end of the spoke and the rim IIRC.

The TF spokes may also be slightly more inset into the rim as one of the downsides of Trophy alloys is that the spokes bow out somewhat and are more at risk from kerbing than most alloy styles.

There's not a lot in it visually - certainly not from any distance. Personally and purely aesthetically, I prefer the Trophy's.


I have a Trophy, and compared to the TF160 the Trophy IMO are easier to clean and look 'smoother'.

Some low-res images on

The Trophy wheel on show is actual one of the ones fitted to Dave's car! LOL
Rob Bell

Yes Rob, I recognise that wheel!

Wven with the low res shots you can just see that there is a slight difference from the TF wheel further down the page. But, I was wrong about a gap between spoke end and rim on the TF - it's more like there's an extension of the rim that the spoke sits in. Either way I still prefer the look of the Trophy!


What distance should I measure on a wheel to check
whether the AP or MSs Calipers would fit? And what is the minimal depth required then,


Thanks for your input guys, very much appreciated. I may go for the trophy wheels with the standard F1's.
Thanks again,
G.L Crofts

>>What distance should I measure on a wheel to check whether the AP or MSs Calipers would fit? And what is the minimal depth required then,<<

Good questions David - unfortunately I don't have any clearance data. Best check with Mike directly - however:
WRT to AP (MG) Discs and calipers the following wheels are KNOWN to fit:
1. MGF Trophy 160 11-spoke wheels
2. mgtf 160 11-spoke wheels
3. MGTF ULW wheels
4. MGF/TF Multispoke wheels (with 1.5mm spacer)

I suspect that the Abingdon/Cup style 8-spoke 16" wheel will fit over the AP caliper - but like the multispoke design, a 1.5 mm spacer will need to be used.

For Mike's big brakes (check to confirm this with him), ALL 16" wheel designs will fit over the caliper.

David, if you are interested in fitting aftermarket wheels, then that becomes rather more difficult, and again, I'd refer you directly to Mike Satur for the necessary information.

Grant, top choice there! Good luck sourcing the wheels :o)
Rob Bell

Didn't Paul from Formby get an Abbingdon / Cup car wheel to fit on his Trophy and use it as a spare?

Or did I dream that?

I went into my local Goodyear Tyre dealer today in search of the good year F1 tyres I wish to marry up with the Trophy alloys. Apart from the salesman trying to convince me that I "don't" need different size tyres on the front and back, apparently it's OK to have the same sizes on all round the car (because they didn't have different sizes in stock and for the ease and convenience of the salesman), there are supposedly new Goodyear F1s out. I looked at the tread pattern of the old and the new and there are a few differences. According to the salesman they're a heaps better tyre than the older F1. Does anybody have the new F1's and does anybody have any further feedback or comparisons between the two?
G.L Crofts

Thanks for the link to the piccys Rob - I have to agree with the general opinion that the Trophy wheels look far superior. Just have to decide now whether I prefer them to my current multispokes.

Grant, as for tyres - I currently have the same tyres on all four of my 16" alloy (225/40 I think). I had the impression that that was what one does with the 16" wheels. Can anyone spread some light on this issue?



The front tyres on 16" wheels are normaly 195's with 215's on the rear, helps to stop tramlining and stability I believe, but it doesn't protect the wheel from kerbing, one has to be sooooh careful.

Colin, like you, I rather like the Trophy wheels too. Trouble is I can't justify ANOTHER set of wheels. I shalln't tell you how many sets I now have - it's getting embarrising!

Grant, there are indeed two types of Goodyear F1 around: the now obsolete GS-D2 (the one the majority of us have on our cars) and the new GS-D3.

The 'D3 is meant to be a superb tyre. Did very well on a evo magazine-run tyre test last year (it won). To look at, it has more than a passing resemblance to the Bridgestone S-02/03 - good, chunky asymetric tread design, with stiff side walls with a rim-lip to help reduce the chance of curbing damage to your precious alloys.

If you can, get the 'D3s.

Mike makes an excellent point regarding getting thinner front rubber. I've currently got standard fit 215/40 R16s all round, and am not happy with the steering characteristics with these tyres. They do tram-line more than the 205/50 R15s I had on my old 5-spoke VVC alloys. I'll be using thinner front tyres next time, no doubt - Mike's recommendation is the size to go for at the front: 195/45R16 (or 195/40R16 Mike?)
Rob Bell

195/45r16 front 215/40r16 rear

Rob, LOL - I only have two sets at the moment, but could easily get dragged into 'wheel collecting' as those Trophy alloys are just too damned tempting !! Guess the others can always live in the garage with my three sets of seats :)

Mike, thanks for the info on the tyres. 'Tram lining' is certainly something I've experienced with my current setup. Time to quit the 'buy two new tyres for the back' mentality and bite the bullet to get the full four tyre setup correct.



Three sets of seats Colin? I thought I was bad enough with a 'spare' pair of Mk1 cloth seats sitting in my garage! 8oO
Rob Bell

Rob, yes a rather costly change of heart when updating the interior of my car !! Still, the expensive therapy has paid off, and the seats will have to go (have to make room for wheels after all) ;)

Thanks once again guys for all your help I really appreciate it. As Im not much of a tech guru, I can now hit the tyre dealer with the correct lingo "Tram lining" and maybe it will at least sound like I know what Im talking about.
G.L Crofts

Chris - you are right. I did get an Abingdon 16" alloy to use as a spare. However, it will only fit on the back. Didn't realise at the time, but it won't fit over the AP calipers at the front!




Wouldn't touch Goodyear F1's with a ten foot pole.

Frankly there not strong enough for "Australian" roads (that's why hardly anyone stocks them) Personally I've flatted 3 (all pint size holes in the side wall due to hitting pot holes) and I know of a number of other MGF owners having the same issue.

The tyre side wall is too thin and the way the tyre sits on a 16" MG standard alloy means the tyre doesn't curves over it (hard to explain in words but hope you understand)

Tried Falken's (which are better then the F1's but produce more road noise) and then replaced them with Pirelli 7000 (which are excellent in all conditions.... maybe that's why Porsche fit them as standard)

Difference in price between Pirelli 7000 and F1's isn't much....

Matthew Minion

I've got Trophy wheels on my Steptronic F, it looks the dogs danglies, but there is an increased kerbing risk compared with TF ones. You pays your money and makes your choice.
Robert Tulloch

Colin and Rob,

I am looking to buy a set of upgraded alloys for my 98 MPi. If you are clearing out multi spokes let me know I may be interested.

Keep me in mind if you decide to sell.

Chris Catchpole

Oops forgot my email addy.
Chris Catchpole

Cheers Matthew I will look into it definately. Also are you aware of any Australian MG/MGF events? I can't find anything useful on the Sydney MG site. I to am obviously from Sydney.
All the best
G.L Crofts

On the subject of graunching expensive ally's has no-one thought of using one of those reversing sensor thingy's nailed on the front nearside.What about it Mike Satur? Yes,I know I should learn to drive properly.
Roy Bridge


Contact Mike is probably what Ill do. First brakes, then wheels. I wonder if spacers are allowed on front wheels? Ive only seen them on rear wheels. Spec. German style cars.


Wy did we choose this expensive hobby? Was there really no other option. *LOL*



Australian MG/MGF events, your right in saying the Sydney MG club website is useless.

I normally create a Australian MG events calender and put it onto my website (but I haven't had the time to compile one for this year yet) Send me a email and I'll add you onto my mail out list.


Matthew Minion

Chris, sorry, the multispokes appear to be only style I don't have 'in stock' LOL

David, not sure what the maximum permissible spacer width would be. Mike's said on the BBS that 1.5mm is fine, but I'd check with him and seek more advice on this.

What style of wheels were you thinking about?

Expensive hobby - yup. But fun! ;o)
Rob Bell

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