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MG MGF Technical - New with a B

Greetings to a great resource, I originally posted this on the 'General' site but suspect that it should be on the 'Technical' site. I have a 1979 MGB (with SU twin carbs, type SU HIF, and a Lucas sport coil ... no emissions stuff)) that I've had for about a month.Everthing has been brilliant with it until last night: I filled up with premium (as I have done two or so tanks since owning) and started on my way ... just as I attempted to make a left turn the car hesitated, gurgled, and stopped running. I haven't been able to start it since. This is what I know:

Battery is fine
fuel pump is pumping fuel
small spark appears to be happening at plug tips
starter motor is turning her over

I just attempted to put some gasoline into the carb throat (type SU HIF), and still nothing ... not even a pop. The distributor doesn't look that old, no marks, all cleaned and sprayed ... still nothing ... even tried a boost (the battery was
labouring after so many crank attempts) but nothing ... so it's towed and stowed in the garage ....

Any suggestions? I'm willing to fiddle on it myself ... on a mechanic scale of 1 to 10 ( 10 being you do it for a living) I'm about a 3 pushing toward four :))

I'm pretty sure it's a Lucas type 45DE4 with an electronic ignition module
(Lucas type as well) and a Lucas sport coil (gold colour) ... this is a little
overwhelming regarding troubleshooting ... so I appreciate any advice through
Thanks very much!
L Couri

On a computer scale, I'm probably about a 7, and would recommend you repost on the B board! ;)

Terribly sorry ... I've posted on the wrong site ...oops.
L Couri

This thread was discussed on 25/07/2002

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