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MG MGF Technical - New Year's Lights!

Hi all!

I'm thinking of buying new headlight bulbs for my F (low and main beams).

I've read the relevant posts for Philips vision plus.

I've come across Philips Blue vision bulbs . Has anybody tried blue vision?? what is the "feeling" of the light ?? is it "cold" white and blue, light the mercedes and audis?
and another question are both beams H1??

Thanks in advance!

Theodossis Kazas

I use the vision plus.
It's unbelievable; the street in front is much brighter. Traffic signs glow brighter than ever and much far than before (especially the blue signs). On the autobahn sometimes I switched of the light shortly, to see that is really my MGF how make this fire. I thought it must blind the others, but when you see your car in front, what your see is not a really different from other.
But they didn't have the smoother touch of the blue light.
All headlights are H1, but for the high beams I notice not the real different to the normal bulbs.
Torsten Ohms

Does anyone know the part numbers for the blue light and the vision plus bulbs and were can I buy them here in Germany??


Thanks for the reply Torsten!

Adrian, I will order and buy the lamps from, since i cannot locate the bulbs in Greece. Besides, their prices are ok.
Unfortunately, I do not have the part numbers

Happy new year to all!


Theodossis Kazas

I bought them in a normal Supermarket to the same price than the normal (I think a wrong order).

For more Info and dealer see at:

Happy new year to all

- and now up into the sun of Porto Santo.


Torsten Ohms

>- and now up into the sun of Porto Santo.

DOOH ! me is down to the cellar getting a new blottle of 'Lemberger' Spatburgunder, from 1997.

Dieter Koennecke

This thread was discussed between 30/12/2001 and 31/12/2001

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