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MG MGF Technical - Newby - 215/40's All Round?

Hi all!

I have been reading this BBS with interest for a while now and have been very impressed with the knowledge that has been amassed! I have now begun improving my *F* in preparation for some blasts around the Highlands over the summer. My K&N 57i should arrive any minute!

My car is a 2000 Stepspeed (glad to see it's been generally well received here!) and I am looking at replacing the 15" box-spoke alloys with 16" multispokes instead. I have read elsewhere that a good set-up for this size of wheel is to have 215/40/16 tyres fittes all round, but I can't see any mention of it in this forum. Would anyone have any concerns with this set-up, or should I stick to the standard 185 or 195 at the front and 205 at the rear?

Any suggestions on this, or any "must-have" mods for the car would be greatly appreciated.


Ian Matheson


Welcome first of all! Hope you enjoy the F as much as the rest of us! As for tyre choice, loads of stuff in the archives on this! 215/40/16 alround is a very popular choice, in fact it's being discussed at present (if only for a 15" wheel) on the general board under 'sorry boring tyres again' thread! Have a read of that thread.


215/40/16 has the advantage of being able to even out tyre wear front and rear, but tramlining is an issue!

Using 195/45/16 on the front has in my opinion slightly sharper handling but obvioulsy tyre wear is an issue!

Personal choice at the end of the day!

Hope this helps!
Rob Copeland

I run 215s all round and am continualy happy with their performance and cannot complain about tramlineing

195s are probably the best choice for the front - but you are limited in terms of what tyres you can get in the appropriate size. I suspect that you'll be effectively limited to Goodyear F1 GS-D2s.

I run 215/40R16s all round - and overall, I'm pretty happy. Readily available tyres, I'm able swap tyres around to even up tyre wear and with 30psi pressures all round gives nice, neutral handling :o) Downside? As Rob says, it's more tramlining than with the narrower front tyre.
Rob Bell


Welcome to the Board. I've also got a Stepspeed and like you I'm delighted with it. If I or any of the other Scottish chaps on here can be of help just drop us an e-mail.

David Clelland

Also meant to say have a look at
David Clelland

I have 215/40/16 all round, set at 30 PSI the same as Rob and have had no problems. Tramlining is not an issue once you become familiar with it.

And when the rears wear a bit transfer them to the front to even out tread wear, you then have to buy a set of four teach time when they are all worn out but this too can bring benefits as you often get discount for a full set.
Chris Catchpole

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