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MG MGF Technical - Next Mod


so going through Brown and Gammons catalogue
it's Christmas I have to buy SOMETHING!

My question is...Ignition Leads

8.5mm Competition VVC for 69.95

worth the cash? anybody have them

I already have K&N, Janspeed, cat bypass and brake
disc upgrade


Get the cylinder head gas-flowed Matt.
robert pulleyblank

HT leads do a simple job and the standard ones in good condition have no problem in doing the job they are designed to do AND would cope in the same way with an engine spec that has 100% more power. Only when there is a problem, which is something that will occur as these leads age, (from 2 years old usually - irrespective of mileage) will you see any advantage in the change. However once they are changed then these high performance silicone leads should last much longer.

On my V8 I initially fitted some OE Rover standard leads, these melted at the ends the first power run on the rolling road. I invested in NGK leads which at the time were the Rolls Royce of leads and these are the leads I still have. Whilst the V8 is not currently running I have been using the leads on another V8 and still they show no signs of failure.

Follow this route of upgrading when existing parts fail, that way it becomes cost and road effective.

Roger Parker

Matt, consider what BobP says- some gas flowing might work well. Having said that a VVC head is pretty good to start off with.

Regarding over bolt on power mods... I think that you have already got the board covered with the filter and exhaust. Anything else is unlikely to yield much.

For a car to be fast in the real world, the handling has to be good too. Therefore I'd suggest you think about lowering the car, upgrading the dampers, and consider 16" wheels. If you are near Farnham go round and try the Swain and Jones demonstrator. It really is that good.

Robert Bell

Further to my comment. The VVC head can be improved - at a cost. The 2000 odd pounds that Minister Racing will charge:
"Our latest conversion is suitable for those
customers who require more performance from
their VVC powered Lotus Elise 111s. Whilst
retaining the variable cam timing mechanism but
extensively gas flowing and porting the cylinder
head, maximising fuel air mixture and using a
specially built cold air box, Superchips Icon and
performance filter, an increase of approximately 15 B.H.P. is achievable. *

Current Price: 2450 + VAT, fitted in car.

is a lot to pay for 15bhp.
You might like to give Peter Burgess a call on 01-773-520021. Peter
and see if he will do the job for you.
From what I van gather and have read, the main work needing doing is smoothing the transistion from the valve seats to the valve throats and some work on the ports. Every tuner has their own methods though.
Let us know what you decide, you have already done the most cost-effective things. You might also consider having a re-mapped ECU from someone like Emerald. I cant wait to get started on a Rover 218 when I get back to the UK.
Happy New Year.
robert pulleyblank

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