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MG MGF Technical - nice birthday then

help me checking the system on my car could smell rottern eggs. so i put the cold air on full to hear the fan kick in put the car away for a bit on my way home put the heating on to get cold air went to the garage. checked the coolant it had gone. back my parents again opened cap filled it with water it made a bit off a gulping sound from the bottle.. help needed is it the headgasket ?a pipe ? i must admit my raditor does look rusty why would i lose when regular checked on the seam line rob dieter anyone

cheers nice birthday
Darren Jeffery

just checked the dip stick on the car no oil like a creamy mayo
Darren Jeffery

Usually the exhaust catalyser on mine smells of rotten eggs after along fast run, but can' think of anythnig else that gives a similar smell - beside the obvious human factor.


just been to see my car its in peices. as the head gasket is getting done at milton keynes souls. i have been quoted 572 . they are going to put the land rover gasket on which is of a better guage is 572 the going price for the fix ??included oil, coolant, theromostat, which was knackerd raditor cap plus labour. Nice car crap engines, shame rover scimpt on this could have been great, wheres the hall of shame ? anyone for help.. darren gutted mgf owner thought i might have got away with it no fear on that score
Darren Jeffery

Sounds a quite reasonable price, Darren. Could they see where the gasket had let go?
Mike Hankin

yes mike right on the ring chambers. it looked like its had a failure before i bought it what a birthday wont forget 34 in hurry..
Darren Jeffery

Good price ..are you going to get the water pump changed .the cam belt and the pre tensioner while it,s in bits?
It won,t cost a lot more and it would be worth doing if you are going to keep the car for a while.
m e johnson

hi mate the pump. and cambelt have been changed allready. ask the question the guy who had fitted my pump said no need to change he has checked it out looks great. cheers mel
Darren Jeffery

hi mate they done the pump as you said it was knackerd weierd its been fine just got the car back 627 total

noticed the thermo does not go straight up my father said its because its new. and the fuel dial was not moving put some petrol in it went up and when turned the engine off the dial did not move is this right anyone any thoughts mgf 2001 k
Darren Jeffery

hi, not a bad price then all in.
Sorry don,t know about the thermo and petrol gauge but at least the main repaIR is done
m e johnson

If your petrol gauge is the same as on earlier cars, it is designed to register the tanl contants even when switched off. Water thermometer has always moved onto the gauge in a couple of minutes and goes to zero on switch-off. You could always check the electrical connections to be sure.


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