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MG MGF Technical - No 2 fuse keeps blowing car won't start

I have searched through the archives and cannot find anything similar to my problem so far.

I was driving my car mgtf 1.6 last week when all of a sudden the hazard lights start flashing and the engine cuts out. After numerous attempts to try and start the car again I was picked up by the AA who told me that my '30A' fuse or 'number 2 fuse' keeps blowing. I have replaced it now a few times but the car runs fine for five or less minutes and then breaks down again.. I filled up the oil and petrol thinking it was an engine management system but behold the problem continues! I keep finding similaposts r.e. fuse number 1 but am completely stumped at this..

If anyone can think of what it could be please let me know. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

b brian

Hi Brian,
It sounds like your cooling fan may be your problem. If the bearings are dry (particularly the front one immediately behind the fan) then the current draw when the fan kicks in will blow the fuse. From underneath the car you should be able to turn the fan by hand to see if it is stiff to turn. If so,remove the fan assembly and then the fan from the motor. You can now soak the front bearing in some light oil overnight for the bronze bearing to absorb the oil. This should solve your problem if that is the source of the fuse blowing.
Good luck.
W A Nixson

I've said it's no 2 fuse technically in the handbook it's F6 under the bonnet. Still a 30A though.
b brian

F6 30A is for
Alarmsystem, MEMS ECU, fuel pump, inertia switch, Starter (see on the right)

Difficult to analyse cause it sounds impossible to _isolate/disconnect_ single items while looking for the intermittant short circuit

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