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MG MGF Technical - No accleration after fitting TTB

Can anybody think of any reason why after fitting the TTB my MGF VVC has no power and jerks when acclerating....I have a K&N air filter fitted but I have seen others with this set-up???

Hi David,

Having done this myself, I did not experience nay problems. But I did reset the throttle sensor, I am not sure what would happen if this is not done, so if you didn't do this it might be worth a try.

Basically, Ignition on but engine not running, then pump the throttle all the way 5 (or more) times.

Hope it helps


Hi Paul....I have tried this, I should add I took the car out for a run and it was fine after fitting, this problem has only occured after the car has been sitting in the garage for 2 days !!

Hi David,

I don't suppose you had just washed the car before putting it in the garage? Before I replaced my HT leads I often found that I had very rough running (or even not starting). Changed the HT leads all fine now.

Just another stray thought


TB sensor connector ?
Did you put it back on right and secured with the spring part ?
Dieter Koennecke

I concur with Dieter, could very well be a poor connection between the sensor (potentiometer) and the clip on the end of the wiring loom causing erratic signals to the MEMS.

Scarlet Fever

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