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MG MGF Technical - no clonk here, but rather a click

Damn, since yesterday eve my F starts to make a clicking noise coming from behind the speedos on the dashboard. This sound is IDENTICAL to the clicking you hear when using your indicators, but it's totally random (bumps sometimes induce it not always, sometimes when I steer to the right and sometimes just like that on a smooth straight road). Even with a radio playing, you hear this sound very clearly (even my girlfriend notified me yesterday eve, so I wasn't dreaming)

When using the indicators it will still click in a random way. Any suggestions???

Dirk Vael

Dirk your problem could be a loose speedo cable or a dry inner cable or even the cable not routed smoothly, on some newer cars ie the noise has been there from first driving rather than appear some time later , the clicking and clunking noise has been from chassis creak,this is not so easy to cure!This noise is more evident under heavy braking or on uneven ground.
Regards Mike.

Bit of an elinination excercise required.

First. Try touching the clear perspex speedo cover near to the top (not easy to when driving).

Second. Chassis creek is very often NOT the chassis, but the rear brake cables that run under the gear box lever and the cubby box. The cables have a stanless steel (or similar) "shower hose" type outer pipe. If you get a friend to lift out the cubby box you can see the cables. Hold them together and drive, the sound goes. One of the characteristics of this sound is that is very difficult to "hear" where is this noice is coming from.

Both are easy to cure.

It really sounds like the device providing the indicators clicking noise goes nuts, totally random (few times a second and then nothing for 2 minutes). It is really coming from behind the speedo, a bit more to the left even (in corner/LHD car)
Seems that noise gets reflected to windshield, so it has to come from upper part of dash. I tried to touch several parts of the speedo/fusebox/steering wheel but it went on clicking happily.

So another mission for my dealer to sort out. But I'll give 'em Mike's info, might be useful to start checking the cables.

ps: speedo itself does not wobble
Dirk Vael

Such sounds are also associated with relays which have a suspect connection that creates a continuous make and break of the circuit, causing the relay to constantly click in and out.

Roger Parker

I get a noise similar to the cross-member weld noise (i think) from my bonnet now and then. I discovered this while cleaning the car one day as I dried the car off around the bonnet's hinge on the RHS. Grabbing the edge of the bonnet near the windscreen then moving it up and down several times seemed to cure the problem although this does need to be reapeated now and then.
Paul Lathwell

Thats interesting Paul. What sorta noise were you getting?

I get a noise from the bonnet hinge area RHS like that too Paul. It turned out to be a noise created by movement of the black plastic scuttle panel (though it doesn't sound anything like plastic). My dealer first thought it was the cross member cracking noise then that it was related to the wiring to the bonnet light (which i removed..made no difference, other than i now can't see under the bonnet!) Eventually i traced it to the scuttle panel and stuffed a piece of plastic bag under the hinge to wedge the scuttle panel and this cured the noise. The plastic bag is still there until i can get round to sticking the scuttle panel down with double sided tape (my dealers suggestion).

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