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MG MGF Technical - No hardtop switch

I,m not sure how to turn the rear screen heater (demister) on, on my hardtop. I dont seem to have any switches for it. there are a couple of blank spaces on the outside of the electric windoew switches. Is this where the switch is mean't to go.
I.m sure I read somewhere that the sidemirror,s are heated and kick in when you select no 2 on the inside air blower does this activate it?
Love some help Cheers

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Relay and rear screen heater switch required.

Ahmm.., and switch Part No. depends on the age of the car.

Nope on the mirrror idea.

Good night
Dieter Koennecke

As Dieter says you need to buy the "hardtop installation kit" from your dealer. This consists of a switch that fits in one of blank spaces either side of the electric window switches and of a relay that fit inside the fuse box under the steering wheel. I think it costs about 10 pounds and its really easy to install. The part number is different for pre/after MY200 cars due to the different design of the switches on the console. The no. for the older cars is VUB101330.

The heated side mirrors are always on. Touch them and you will understand.


Spyros Papageorghiou

Just to add a probable trouble if the new installed switch and relay don't work.

Found only once in my MGF live currently, but may be of interest also for owners with cars still under warranty who plan to get a hardtop later.... beware from this failure an check the Hardtop abilities in time.

If all the wiring is OK but the switch doesn't work than the MFU (Multi Function Unit) may have a problem. Costs 100 quid. Red coloured black box on the rear of the inner fuse panel.

The relay can be ANY car relay of 12V with one contact, NO (normally open). The socket in the car is a universal socket to which relays with different plug designs will fit. So no need to get an expensive MGR listed relay.

Dieter Koennecke

Cheers Dieter/ spyros

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