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MG MGF Technical - no starting but battery ok


A friend of mine has recently bought a damaged car and repaired it. Now everything is put back in place but when he turnes on the ignition the starter motor is dead, when switching the ignitionkey the oil pressure meter goes immediately up at maximum and stays there (something to do with earthing, maybe?) the battery has been removed for about two months, but is ok and full, when putting directly wires to the starter motor it works fine, immobilizer seems to be ok. Can the solenoid be tested in any easy way.

Does anyone have any suggestions.


Marten van der Velde

could well be the earth starp to the engine, try adding a jump lead between the engine and the -ve of the battery (don't try to run like without fixing the earth strap or having the lead in place!)

Will Munns

How much does the inertia switch do?
Ted Newman

Ted, I thought just the fuel pump (as it's for safty in crashes), but there is a lead off to the MEMS.
_but_ I know it doesn't stop the starter, cause you can use it to kill the fuel lines and bores if you flood the engine.
Will Munns

Thanks guys,

It always amazes me how fast people respond to threads, I will tell him to take al look at the earth strap.

Sorry Ted what do you exactly mean with the inertia switch

Kind regards,

Marten van der Velde

The inertia switch is (in the F) on the far left of the engine bay, attached to the LHS wall, it basicly cuts power to the fuel pump in an accident, you can trigger it by tapping a few times with the back of a screwdriver. When triggered a plunger jumps (up or down I don't remember) and it is reset by pushing it in (i think, so it might be off when up).
Will Munns

This thread was discussed on 19/06/2003

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