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MG MGF Technical - No wonder it was shaking!!

My Abby is currently in with Brown & Gammons to have some repairs done to some BMW sized damage to the rear of the car, plus some long-awaited tarting up (rear spoiler, trophy splitter, K&N, Boxer windstop ...)

However, I also got them to do a service (a bit overdue) and well no wonder the car was wobbling when doing slightly over the legal...

Front nearside ball joint has excessive wear
Both Front track rod ends - excessive wear
one Rear track rod end has excessive wear
tyres are very near limit (which I knew anyway)

couple that with a new rear caliper due to siezure, new greenstuff pads for the rear, and a new rear shocker bush... it's turning out to be rather an expensive trip to B&G!!!

I'm just looking forward to how much tighter the car will feel when I pick it up!

ho hum!


PS. For those of you who remembered me saying that I was going to leave the car original (being an abby an' all), well, I had to succumb to the dark side eventually!!
Chris George

>>Front nearside ball joint has excessive wear
Both Front track rod ends - excessive wear

Had this last year, you'll be amazed at the difference.

oh plus I'm changing the 215 F1's all round to the trophy style F1 195/45's front, 215/40's rear which will hopefully improve the front end feel...
Chris George

A TF steering rack might be good too!

And, being an Abby, probably a new beige hood with a nice heated glass rear screen as well!

The list could go on and on...

Changes sound great, I'd love to see an Abby like yours. Will you be going to the B&G open day?

Other mods will be in phase 2 :-), I had a budget for the first phase and quite surprisingly have stuck to it!

The hood is pretty dire on mine as some of the essex roadster gang will testify. It was not looked after by previous owners and all attempts to clean it have failed miserably. So a new hood will be due in the summer hopefully.

As for the B&G open day, I might be there as it is just round the corner from me now, I will have to check the diary.

Chris George

This thread was discussed between 15/04/2004 and 18/04/2004

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