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MG MGF Technical - Noise behind dash

When I drive my car on a bumpy road I hear i knocking noise behind the fuse panel in the dash. Does any one know what this can be?????

It sounds like something is lose in there but what...

Greetings Maurice

I already looked behind the fuse panel an behind the speedo meter...

Loose cable or.....

... the dreaded crossmember bar creak.

U-shape exhaust clamp may help ?

PS. check my site for info about your other questions aswell :)

Dieter K.

Maurice, Dieter,

Hmmm.... I've picked this noise up as well over the last two months. I can see the cross-member bar behind the dash no problem but is there any way to tell if that really is that problem. It doesn't seem to move if I grab it and shake it around...

Anyone going to B&G's on Saturday thats had this and knows what to look for?

Chris Tromans

Also... where can I get one of these 58mm (or 60mm) U-shape exhaust clamps?

I have under two weeks to sort it out as I can't drive all the way to south Cornwall with it rattling like this :-(


Chris Tromans

Try Wilco on the way into town from the science park (after chesterton turning, shops on RHS, bikes outside). Wilco is a real gold mine.

Failing that head into town and visit McKays (side road opposite grafton centre carpark entrance, first off mini rounderbout, over speed bump, on LHS carpark entrance is thru the ladders)

Failing that, turn left, and follow one way road system almost all the way around, Discount autoparts, carpark.

Failing that, Newmarket road, Kwikfit, have cash ready for cash in hand transaction ;-)
Will Munns

Cheers Will,

Yep... know all those places and I'll attempt to visit them in that order :-) obviously, if I'm successful at the first, I won't continue tho...

Chris Tromans


Are you going to B&G next weekend? I bought 2 clamps and only used one...

Tim Jenner

Had a similar noise in my car when going over poor surfaces.

Turned out to be one of the bonnet hinges with a bit of play in it. A bit of packing did the job.

Worth a check before getting seriuos behind the pannel!

Tom Grayling

Forgot to mention, Chris, you won't actually feel any movement in the cross member (if you do you have more serious problems!). It seems that the welds don't actually break, they're just not quite enough and allow the creaking noise.

Tim Jenner


It's not so much a creak as a definate rattle but it's definately around the cross member area I'm sure.

However, I will look at Tom's suggestion there as well as I did have alterations done on the bonnet recently after a small accident...

Finally, yep, Tim I am off to B&G's at the weekend... you have mail with my mobile number in it if you want to sell the spare clamp - it would save me shop-hunting this week cos I'm dead busy... Give us a ring sometime between 1 and 2 on saturday if you like...


Chris Tromans


My crossmember "creak" got so bad that it sounded like a rattle! You've got mail as well.

Tim Jenner

Ok, thanks i have a look at my bonnet, i dont think it is my crossmemberbar because it is more a rattle than a creak

Cheers Maurice


of course any noise is hard to locate, cause metal leads the moise anywhere.

Tim is absolutely right. You will not feel or see a creak located on the right or left.
Another point is a creak of the steering column fixture to the crossmember which can be seen.

I remember the Hanah Kimstory two? years ago. (see Archives 4 *Hanah crosssmember*)

So let me talk about other common options as well.
This is from memory:
- rattling front bonnet hinge
- loose cable to sheet metal (see above)
- broken security plastic bolts of the steering column (steering wheel moves sidewards though)

.. and the one I had with my MGF. Was more a knocking noise from a bad weld dot at the sheet metal bracket beside the wiper.

Dieter K.

this is probably so simple that you've already ruled it out, but the under bonnet light is a crap fit, and, on mine anyway, is prone to knocking/rattling
Colin Ashworth


I'll add that to the things to look at over the weekend when I have a moment...


Chris Tromans

I had a creak behind my dash, and discovered that it was the ventilation trunking (part of the dash unit) rubbing on the cross member...pull out the central air vents and check this maybe.

Karl Woodhead

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