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MG MGF Technical - Noisy wiper motor, again the silly workshop anones

Hi all,

I'd like to know whether any of the other DIY guys got a noisy wiper motor repaired BEFORE it dies complete.

The story. Had the car in 'the workshop' in November and found the wiper motor cover off. They forgot to re-install and it was in the boot.
The car stood at the dealers carpark for about three weeks in full rain. So no question about the reason.

I've not needed the wiper since November until today. *g* it's noisy from the motor now.

I think to know from former threads that not the electric black coloured can of the motor gets in trouble from rain, but the gearbox on top.

So has anybody tried to open this aluminum casting and re-grease the gear, or any other solution.

Other solution then killing that workshop guy, of course.
If somebody could look at a dismantled one I would appriciate in getting pictures and advise.

Dieter Koennecke

before all start to guess from new.

Did my pictures from the sold part and as well Bruce brief descriptions from the archives up to
Dieter Koennecke


?? where are you all ?
Just got back from my garage. Did the emergency repair suggested by Bruce. Found lots of rusty water inside the black case.

Cleaned all inside and dried with heat blower. Put a piece of fabric in and drilled that 2mm hole as water drain. Careful removed all drill spans from the solenoids. Re-greased the bearing and put all carefull together.
Result: I think it got a bit more calm, but still strange noisy. Not satisfied yet. I splashed some oil on the wiper gearbox also. may be it runs the same way the water did ;)

The website got updated with new pictures.

Quest for Bruce or somebody who knows.
There is a bolt with special head located on the outer side of the wiper gearbox.
I believe this could be something to get oil or greae to the gearbox
(Notice, this is a LHD car)

Anyway, I'll drive to work tomorrow in the rain and use the wiper as less as possible. Hope it will survive until I'm back on wednesday.

Dieter Koennecke

Hi Dieter,

Sorry for the silence. I was out all day at a 90th birthday party. No, not one of my children!

I think the bolt you are looking at is the one in line with the shaft of the motor. If you undo this it may be a cover to a bearing underneath. You could lubricate with grease if it is. The bearing is to prevent shaft movement in line with the shaft so it may need some adjustment or just grease.

It was interesting to see that you have a cover for the motor assembly. My car (Nov 96) has no cover and was open to the rain all the time. The gearbox is OK but the rain got into the motor. I closed off the hole in the bodywork above the motor so that no rain falls directly onto the motor anymore.

Did you look at the brushes of your motor? That is the part which makes electrical contact with the revolving part. I am choosing my words because you may not understand the technical words. Please forgive me if you already know the technical words. The brushes may be worn and making a noise if they are becoming too short.


Bruce Caldwell

Hi Bruce,

waited 'desperate' for the end of the 90th birthday party :)

>The brushes may be worn
Not in my case. I would translate as 'coals'.
Did only 11 month now with the car, most of the 30k km in sunshine.
shows the brushes (coals) in good condition. Good condition of the notches/gaps between copper on the rotating contact block (commutator).

I tried turning the motor part (rotor). Was easy turning, seeing the wipers itself slight move without any resistance.

Anyway, I tried also tightening the two torx bolts of the cap in different manner, one more then the other and reverse. No noise change.

I'll try to grind a fitting gap to an old screwdriver on next weekend and see for the mention adjustment bolt.
I think you are right. It will be the play balance for the worm gear.
May be I get some grease in there with pressure.

Thank you !
PS. much fun looking up translations with my favorite tool at
Would recommend. Works in both directions.
Dieter Koennecke

Dieter, we had this problem on our F too. *very* rusty and wet inside the motor, and unable to fix it, so ended up fitting a new motor. Wipers now silent !

thank you, I slightly recall.

But before I go for a new one, I'll drill two holes to the gear assy and 'flush' it with grease until clear amber grease gets out

BTW I've got still 8 days warranty on that car, but lots of fear that they damage again anything else.
Dieter Koennecke

Got the same problem - very noisy wiper motor (this is number 2 - the first died a while back). It's stopped working completely on the fast speed - I opened the motor 'can' and found that one of the brushes had disintegrated, hence the motor could only work in 2-pole mode. It seems to me that it's the motor that makes all the noise,not the gearbox. Try touching it after it's been working - gets very hot. So I guess the noise is also friction.....

My big problem is how to get the linkage with new motor attached (2nd hand from a wreck) back into position. I've tried installing it with the linkage drive bolt loose so that I can move the linkage around, but then the bolt is impossible to tighten (and I'm worried that the alignment may not be right).
I loosened the bit with the hydraulic lines, but it doesn't help enough.

Any tips?

N837 OGF

Hugh, I marked the old motor's position before removal with a dab of white paint. Then leave all the linkage roughly in place, just twisted over to give access to the bolt while the new one is fitted. I too could not get the whole assembly past the brake pipes even with them loose.....

Well I did mine OK. Just moved the CLUTCH master cylinder (not the brake) with hydraulic pipes attached. No bleeding. Then removed the black metal cover from the motor and rotated the shaft for the best position for the linkage to enable removal. In fact it was probably possible to mend the motor without removing it and the linkage.

Bruce Caldwell

Good point Bruce, I meant clutch pipes ! But I didn't twig the removal of the motor casing would make the difference....

Is there any way to do it without removing the motor casing? I'd sort of like the seal on it to remain intact so that it stays fairly impervious to water.... Or am I asking too much?

N837 OGF

Yes, read my 2nd post. Leave the linkage in place and remove the motor from it.....

my f's wipers work intermitently & noisily a few months back, then it stop altogether. on removing the motor casing, rusty water pour out of it. sprayed WD40 excessively into the casing+motor, left it for less than 10 minutes. once the rust had soften, i wiped it off the motor parts. sure heck cleans it up. then just for peace of mind, sprayed wd40 again b4 reinstalling the casing. Didn't got the equiptment for a drilling job then but i'll do it the next time the wiper plays-up again.


Dieter, could your wipers be tighten by mechanics in the w/shop? is any part of the wiper assemble scraping the 'black plastic' below the windscreen? activate wiper with wipers standing(not touching the screen).. sorry for incorrect terms used. any difference in noise?

these checks are just to pin-point the origin for the noise. hope you get it figured out ASAP.

Tip, tie wrap a heavy duty poly bag around the motor to prevent water ingress.

>Tip, tie wrap a heavy duty poly bag around the motor to prevent water ingress.

to late Mike.
I think I'll tie wrap a shopping bag then to the workshop guys head !!!

>'black plastic' below the windscreen?
I'll check it again, thank you for the hint. They had as well the front screen off to find the 'knock noise'.
One of the bolts cover plates is missed also. So they had it off. Could be two reasons then. Water is out now. Cover to be checked.
Dieter Koennecke

OK, replaced the motor at the weekend. I had to take the can off the new motor to rotate the rotor in order to position the links properly to get the whole linkage into position. Then I found that I couldn't get the new can back on - the bearing at the bottom was a bit loose and kept getting out of alignment when the magnets pulled the can onto the rotor during reassembly.

The solution was to use the old can. Bin bag also used for future protection.

I now have (for the first time in a while) quiet windscreen wipers!

Thanks for all the help and suggestions.

N837 OGF

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