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MG MGF Technical - non start after new front pipe

I have just aquired my 1st mgf its a 96 model with the 1.8 k series engine it had a stupid k+n filter so i replaced this with all the origional parts and a new front pipe as soon as i drove away from the exhaust centre the car started to cut out thinking it was fuel i filled up and added a redex cleaning agent in case it was dirty injectors now the car wont run at all sher will start when cold idle for about 5 minutes then die with a deadly rattle from the engine does anyone have any ideas ?

Thanks Stuart
Stuart Ncle

Hi Stuart,

Welcome to the BBS, congratulations on your excellent taste in cars ;o)

Unlikely that the new downpipe is a factor, so I'd guess the induction side is more likely to be where the problem lies. I'd try re-setting the throttle position sensor first, Rob Bell's excellent site gives instructions -

Opinions on the K&N are generally positive, did you have a specific reason for reverting to the standard (and slightly restrictive) induction? Insurance requirement maybe?
Mike Hankin

basically it made a lot of noise with no result I just wanted to put the car back to its former glory . i did have to use a differant hose from the throttle body to the air filter housing the origional part will be at my local dealer on tuesday
Stuart Ncle

Hi Mike

Sorry I forgot to say thanks for the help to much on my mind about the car i suppose, thanks again
Stuart Ncle

No worries! If the TPS re-set doesn't solve the problem, the next step would be to pull off all the electrical connectors and squirt liberally with electrical contact spray - one poor connection can cause a myriad of symptoms, and sometimes just a nudge while working in the vicinity is enough to disrupt something.
Mike Hankin

Mick Hankin god amongst men
Fantastic you gave good advice I took it and it worked well worth three hours stripping and cleaning every single sensor then refitting she started straight up and sat ideling for half an hour with the occasional blip on the throttle to see what happened then a 30 minute road test still not a murmer she held the rev and never faltered once.

Stuart Ncle

Steady on, my crash helmet is a tight fit already ;o)

Glad your efforts were succesful, hopefully it'll be a long while before you need to get your hands dirty again!
Mike Hankin

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