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I've got a 1997 MGF just serviced a couple of weeks ago by me( new plugs, fuel filter, air filter etc ). Went out this morning and it would'nt start, it's been raining so i coated everything electrical in WD40 to repel any moisture, and the bugger still won't start. So now i've got to throw a sickie at work as i work in middle of no-where and rely on the car. Anybody got any suggestions that would be helpful.

If it is a VVC you have to spray the coils at the bottom end of the engine block. Follow the ignition cables. This place is infamous for dampness after rain.

No its not the vvc its the standard mgf, Thanks anyway

A bit more info needed... Is the engine even trying to turn over, or is nothing happening at all when you turn the key?

Ian Matheson

Engine is turning over, but fails to start. It tries but then dies again. It was ok yesterday when i went out in it. But then the rain came?

Did you replace th plug leads as well?


Yes it was all replaced ie plugs, leads, air filter, fuel filter, oil and filter etc. I take it is a common problem on the MGF ( Damp weather, non starters )

< I take it is a common problem on the MGF ( Damp weather, non starters )>

Not that I am aware of! We have had our MGF MPi (non VVC) for ten years and (apart from a flat battery) has always started well.
Ted Newman

Try the non-starting trouble shooting guide here:

However, that this is a problem that has started after the service seems to imply that the problem originates here - although that isn't always the case.

Check all the usual suspects - are the new leads faulty? Have the spark plugs got the correct gaps? Did you replace the distributer cap and rotor arm (often overlooked in garages during standard service intervals).

If everything checks out, then consider that this may be a new problem that has occurred coincidentally. Perhaps the next most likely suspect is the crank position sensor.

Keep us informed of how you get on! :o)
Rob Bell

It did it once before when it was raining but started after a while, so i don'nt think it is anything to do with the service.

make sure the unions on the fuel filter are tight if not it might be drawing in air and not allowing it to start.

Car started second time this morning, so i take it the coating in WD40 yesterday must have drove out the moisture ( or did it ) ?

Have you checked your battery?

Ian Matheson

Think you have it sorted Paul, my 96 F does similar on very soggy occasions if I forget to spray the WD40 around or am too lazy to cover the boot vent.
G Martin

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