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MG MGF Technical - Non starting MGF

I've had my 1999 MGF for just over a year. 2 weeks ago I drove it home and parked it in the garage (no apparent issues or problems). 5 days later I went back to it, and it wouldn't start, hasn't since.

The engine cranks (have had to charge the battery a couple of times between trying).

The smell of petrol is around the exhaust after trying, and when I take the plugs out after turning it for a short while, they are wet with fuel. (The fuel pump can be heard priming pre-ignition too).

I have sparks in all 4 plugs on all 4 leads when out of the cylinders.

There's nothing obviously blocking or obstructing the air filter - I'm not sure how else to check the air flow.

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong, or what to try?

Many thanks!
M J Bull


Have you checked that your inertia switch is not open circuit,?Check you have a 12v feed on your injector rail + IACV.Have demobilized your ECU with your key fob?

Check this link, for K series info.

simon connolly

Forget about the inertia switch , you have wet plugs.

simon connolly

Thanks, yes the inertial switch is open, immobilizer appears to be off (and if I attempt to start without doing so the starter motor doesn't turn).
M J Bull

Hello M J Bull . . . have you had any luck yet as I have the same problem. . I've changed ht leads plugs and cleaned all sensors and still wont fire at all. . . here's hoping you have an answer. Craig
craig mg owner

Could be the cam sensor. I had one go on one of my cars once. Worked fine and then just wouldn't start. Engine turned over etc. but would not fire.
M Irwin

M Irwin,

did you still get sparks on the plugs even though cam sensor was duff ?

You would think that, that could cause petrol and spark at wrong position and cause all sorts of issues if ignited

G. Olding

The engine might well be flooded (with petrol)

First thing to do is to reassemble everything and tap the inertia switch with the back of a screwdriver.
Then turn on the ignition (you should not hear the fuel pump)
Then crank for a while and see if it splutters.
After a little cranking (perhaps 20 seconds in 5 second bursts to stop the starter overheating) it should be clean.
Now push the button on the inertia switch and try again.
Will Munns

Hi just wondered if you manage to cure this problem as i have just aquired a 99 mgf with exactly the same problem cheers mark
m pullinger

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